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Talbot vehicles


Talbot M67   (1930)

Talbot and the Earl of Shrewsbury backed the company formed by DM Weigel to sell the French made Clément in Britain as the Clément-Talbot although by 1905 Adolph Clément's name was left out. British designed and built Talbots soon established a reputation for well-made, fast and efficient cars. In the years leading up to the First World War a large and varied range of cars were produced, although the amount of French components is now unknown. The use of French parts had ceased completely by 1914.

British owned Alexandre Darracq of Paris took over both Talbot and Sunbeam in 1919 to form Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq (STD). The Talbot influence came more to the fore when Talbot's Chief Engineer Georges Roesch developed a range of cars in the early 1920's.

During the war the company built ambulances.

Talbot H78  concept (1930)

The lack of sales in the mid 1920's nearly brought about financial disaster but the 14/45 of 1926 began a new period of performance for the company with Anthony Blight winning may trophies in the mid 1930's with his 105.

Rootes bought Clément Talbot Ltd. in 1935 and replaced the then current range with cars based on the Hillman Minx and Humber Snipe. Later the cars were sold as Sunbeam-Talbots.

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