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Mazda models


Mazda Familia

 from 1963 to 2004

Mazda Familia road car

1963 : Generation 1

Mazda's automotive plans for the early sixties consisted of growing alongside the Japanese economy.
To achieve this goal, they began by building an extremely cheap Kei car, the R360 in 1960, planning on introducing gradually larger and pricier cars as the Japanese customers became able to afford them.
As a preview, testing the waters, a larger "Mazda 700" prototype was shown at the 8th Tokyo Motor Show in 1961, and formed the basis for the upcoming Mazda Familia.
Meanwhile, the slightly more upmarket Mazda ...


Mazda Familia   (1963-1967)

Mazda Familia coupe  (1965-1970)

1967 : Generation 2

The new Familia appeared in 1967 with the same pushrod 987 cc engine as used in the previous generation sedans.
It was sold as the Mazda 1000 in some markets.
A larger 1,169 cc I4 engined version came along later, becoming the Mazda 1200 for export.
In this form, the car was first exhibited in Europe at the 1968 Paris Motor Show in the Autumn/Fall of that year. ...


Mazda Familia   (1967-1972)

Mazda Familia   (1973-1978)

1977 : Generation 3

The Familia AP (323 in most of the world, GLC or Great Little Car in North America) debuted in January 1977 as a rear-wheel-drive subcompact, replacing both the Grand Familia (818) and the preceding Familia (1000/1300).
There was a choice of hatchbacks and station wagon bodies, both available with a 3- or 5-door bodystyle.
The Station Wagon/Van version was a bit later, first being introduced in June 1978, which also meant that the commercial versions based on the 1970 Familia could finally be retired.
Thre ...


Mazda Familia   (1977-1980)

Mazda Familia ,323 estate  (1977-1980)

1980 : Generation 4

The BD Familia, first shown on 2 June 1980, was entirely new – it was Mazda's first front-engine, front-wheel drive subcompact car.
It was available as a hatchback and sedan.
It was developed with input from Ford, which in 1979 had acquired a stake in the Japanese manufacturer, and had a twin called the Ford Laser (and Ford Meteor, for its four-door model in Australia).
The new Mazda E engine-series, losely based on the preceding PC/TC/UC series, was developed expressly for the BD and was offered in three ...


Mazda Familia ,323 Hatchback  (1980-1985)

Mazda Familia ,323 4p  (1980-1985)

1985 : Generation 5

In January 1985, the fifth generation Familia/323 featured many updates.
It was available as a hatchback or sedan only for the first year, a wagon being added in November 1985.
In January 1987 a personal coupé version with its own bodywork, the Étude, was added.
In February 1987 the Familia range underwent a light facelift that included replacing the old E engines with the more modern B series. ...


Mazda Familia ,323 3p  (1985-1989)

Mazda Familia ,323 4p  (1985-1989)

Mazda Familia ,323 wagon  (1985-1989)

1989 : Generation 6

The sixth generation of Familia included a 3-door hatchback, 5-door fastback, and 4-door sedan variants, none of which shared any body panels.
The new 5-door fastback version was called the Familia Astina in Japan and was sold as the 323F or 323 Astina elsewhere.
The BF wagon (originally introduced in 1985) was carried over in facelifted form, although Ford marketed a wagon on the new platform as part of the North American Escort line. ...


Mazda Familia ,323,Protege 3p  (1989-1994)

Mazda Familia ,323 wagon  (1989-1994)

Mazda Familia ,323,Protege 4p  (1989-1994)

Mazda Familia ,323,Protege 5p  (1989-1994)

Mazda Familia ,323,Protege GT-R  (1992-1993)

1994 : Generation 7

The BH model was released for the Japanese Domestic Market in 1994 with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.
Production of this generation started on August 8, 1994, and ceased on June 18, 1998. ...


Mazda Familia ,323 5p  (1994-1996)

Mazda Familia ,323 3p  (1995-1999)

Mazda Familia ,323 4p  (1995-1999)

Mazda Familia ,323 5p  (1997-1998)

1998 : Generation 8

A redesigned eighth generation BJ Familia was introduced on June 9, 1998 and released on September 29, 1998 as a 1999 model.
Body styles included a four-door sedan, five-door S-Wagon (sold as the Protegé5 in the United States and Canada, and Astina NU in some Asian countries), three-door hatchback.
In Japan there was also a traditional five-door Wagon sold, but this car is simply a rebadged Nissan.
A 4EC automatic transmission and two five-speed manual transmissions were available.
All-wheel drive is optio ...


Mazda Familia ,323,Protege,Allegro,Isamu 4p  (1998-2000)

Mazda Familia ,323,Protege,Allegro,Etude 4p  (2000-2004)


Mazda Familia 323 F 

- 1989 - 1990 - 1991

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