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Volkswagen models


Volkswagen Passat

 from 1973 to 2012

Volkswagen Passat road car

1973 : Generation 1

B1 in Europe ...


Volkswagen Passat ,Dasher  (1973-1977)

Volkswagen Passat variant  (1974-1977)

Volkswagen Passat   (1977-1980)

Volkswagen Passat variant  (1977-1980)

1980 : Generation 2

The second generation Volkswagen Passat was launched in 1981.
The platform, named B2, was slightly longer and the car's updated styling was instantly recognisable as a Passat, with the most obvious difference being the rectangular headlights.
In addition to the Passat hatchbacks and Variants (estate/wagon), there was also a conventional three-box saloon, which until the 1985 facelift was sold as the Volkswagen Santana in Europe.
In North America, the Passat/Santana was sold as the Volkswagen Quantum, avail ...


Volkswagen Passat   (1980-1984)

Volkswagen Passat variant  (1980-1987)

Volkswagen Passat   (1985-1987)

1988 : Generation 3

The third generation Passat was introduced in March 1988 in Europe, 1990 in North America, and 1995 in South America.
Its curvy looks were a contrast from the boxy appearance of its predecessor and owed much to the "jelly mould" style pioneered by Ford with the Sierra and Taurus.
The lack of a grille made the car's front end styling reminiscent of older, rear-engined Volkswagens such as the 411, and also doubled as a modern styling trend.
The styling was developed from the 1981 aerodynamic (cd 0.25) Auto 2 ...


Volkswagen Passat   (1988-1995)

Volkswagen Passat variant  (1988-1996)

1996 : Generation 4

A new version of the Volkswagen Passat, based on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform, was launched in 1996 in Europe, and 1997 in North America.
Its PL45 platform was shared with the first-generation "Typ 8D" Audi A4, which was unveiled 2 years earlier, and saw a return to the Passat sharing its platform with Audi's equivalent model for the first time since the second-generation (B2) Passat, which shared its platform with the second-generation "Typ 81" Audi 80/Audi 90 (the A4 is the successor to the Audi 80 l ...


Volkswagen Passat   (1996-2001)

Volkswagen Passat variant  (1997-1999)

Volkswagen Passat   (2001-2005)

Volkswagen Passat break  (2001-2005)

2005 : Generation 5


Volkswagen Passat   (2005-2010)

Volkswagen Passat Variant  (2005-2010)

Volkswagen Passat CC  (2008-2012)

Volkswagen Passat   (2010-2012)

Volkswagen Passat SW  (2010-2012)

Volkswagen Passat Concept car

Volkswagen Passat R GT  concept (2006-2006)

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