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Toyota models


Toyota Land cruiser

 from 1950 to 2012

Toyota Land cruiser road car

1950 : Generation 1

In 1950, the Korean War created demand for a military light utility vehicle.
The war put a Jeep on Japan's doorstep.
The United States government ordered 100 vehicles with the new Willys specs and Toyota was asked to build them. ...


Toyota Land cruiser BJ, FJ  (1950-1955)

1955 : Generation 2

In 1955 the Second generation, 20 Series was introduced.
It was designed to have more civilian appeal than the BJ for export reasons.
It also had more stylish bodywork and a better ride thanks to longer four-plate leaf springs which had been adapted from the Toyota Light Truck.
It had a more powerful 135 PS (99 kW) 3.9 L six-cylinder Type F gasoline engine, but still only had a three speed gearbox.
The interior of the vehicles were made more comfortable by moving the engine 120 mm (4.7 in) forward.
The 20 ...


Toyota Land cruiser 20 series  (1955-1961)

1961 : Generation 3

The Toyota J40 is the model designation for a Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series made from 1960 until 1984 (in Brazil, where it was known as the Toyota Bandeirante , it was made from 1959 until 2001).
Most 40 series Land Cruisers were built as two-door vehicles with slightly larger dimensions than a Jeep CJ. ...


Toyota Land cruiser 40 series SWB  (1961-1984)

Toyota Land cruiser 40 series Lwb  (1961-1984)

Toyota Land cruiser 45 Series Pickup  (1964-1984)

Toyota Land cruiser 55 Series Wagon  (1968-1980)

Toyota Land Cruiser 45 Series Troop C  (1976-1984)

Toyota Land cruiser 45 Series Wagon  (1976-1984)

1980 : Generation 4

The Land Cruiser 60 series was produced from 1980 through 1990.
It is a front engine, four door wagon which can seat five to eight[citation needed] people.
Like all Land Cruisers generations, it is well known in the off-roading community for its off-road capabilities but was somewhat limited by its poor departure angle.[citation needed] The 60 series was offered in the following solid exterior colors: Alpine White, Brown, Desert Beige, Freeborn Red, Royal Blue; and in the following metallic exterior colors ...


Toyota Land cruiser wagon  (1980-1989)

Toyota Land cruiser 60 Series  (1980-1987)

Toyota Land cruiser 62 Series Wagon  (1987-1989)

1985 : Generation 5

Originally, model numbers 70 through 74 referred to the 2-door short and medium wheelbase versions.
These were the successors of the famous 40 Series, such as the FJ40.
Model numbers 75 through 77 referred to the long-wheelbase version, which was available in pick-up and 2-door troop carrier models and, in a few markets, a 4-door wagon.
These were the successors of the less-well known long-wheelbase 40 Series, such as the FJ45.
In 1999, Toyota introduced several updates and changed the model designations.


Toyota Land cruiser 70 lwb  (1985-1995)

Toyota Land cruiser 70 swb  (1985-1995)

Toyota Land Cruiser 75  (1985-2004)

Toyota Land cruiser 73 Series, Prado  (1985-1995)

Toyota Land cruiser 75 Series Troop C  (1985-1995)

Toyota Land cruiser 75 Series Pickup  (1985-1995)

Toyota Land cruiser 77 Series Wagon  (1985-1995)

1990 : Generation 6

The Land Cruiser 80 series was introduced in late 1989.
It had swing-out back doors, which were replaced by a winch door in 1995.
The Land Cruiser was nicknamed the Burbuja (Bubble) in Colombia and Venezuela due to its roundness, but it was officially released as Land Cruiser Autana in both countries.
The name is a reference to the Tepui mesa Autana, a spectacular plateau & cave system along the Guiana Shield craton.
Land Cruiser sales reached 2 million vehicles. ...


Toyota Land cruiser 80 wagon  (1990-1997)

1996 : Generation 7

Alongside the 70 and 80, the 90 Prado was added.
The 90 Prado was made by Tahara Plant, available as a 3-door short wheelbase and 5-door long wheelbase version with either the 5VZ-FE petrol engine (24-valve six-cylinder, 3.4 L), the 3RZ-FS (four-cylinder 2.7 L) petrol engine or the 1KZ-TE turbodiesel (four-cylinder 3.0 L) and 5L diesel (four-cylinder 3.0 L). ...


Toyota Land cruiser 90 3,5 p, Prado  (1996-1999)

Toyota Land cruiser 90 3,5p, Prado  (2000-2002)

1998 : Generation 8

In January 1998, the 100 series Land Cruiser was introduced to replace the 8-year-old 80 series.
The 100 series was previewed in October 1997 as the "Grand Cruiser" at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show.
Development began in early 1990s, with final design being approved in mid-1994. ...


Toyota Land cruiser HDJ 100  (1998-2007)

Toyota Land Cruiser 105 Series  (1998-2004)

2003 : Generation 9


Toyota Land cruiser 120, Prado  (2003-2009)

2008 : Generation 10


Toyota Land cruiser Wagon (200)  (2008-2012)

Toyota Land cruiser   (2009-2012)

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