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Toyota models


Toyota Corolla

 from 1966 to 2015

Toyota Corolla road car

1966 : Generation 1

The Corolla was launched in Japan in November 1966 at a Japanese dealership sales channel called Toyota Corolla Store .
Eiji Toyoda said it worked hard to create popular demand, and disputes that Toyota rode a wave of private car ownership that was taking off in the mid-1960s.
Its major competitor was the Datsun 1000, released a few months before the Corolla.
Its companion, the Toyota Sprinter, was sold at a different dealership sales channel called Toyota Auto Store. ...


Toyota Corolla  E10,E11 (1966-1971)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon E16,E18 (1966-1970)

Toyota Corolla Sprinter E15,E17 (1968-1970)

1970 : Generation 2

The second-generation KE2# / TE2# model, launched in May 1970, had "coke-bottle" styling.
It had a longer 2,335 mm (91.9 in) wheelbase.
The front suspension design was improved greatly, using a swaybar, however the rear remained relatively similar.
The Corolla became the second-best selling car in the world that year.
Grades for sedan were Standard, Deluxe, and Hi-Deluxe.
The coupé was offered in Deluxe, SL, SR, and Levin as well as Sprinter variants.
The Sprinter Trueno was equivalent to the Corolla Levin ...


Toyota Corolla  E20 (1970-1976)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon E26 (1970-1976)

Toyota Corolla Coupe E25 (1970-1976)

Toyota Corolla Levin E27 (1972-1977)

1974 : Generation 3

The third generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate was built from August 1974 to July 1981 and marked Toyota's greatest growth in the United States in the wake of the fuel crisis.
In addition to its sister model, the Sprinter, there was a redesigned-body version built by Toyota affiliate Daihatsu, called the Daihatsu Charmant.
While there were certain fourth-generation models with a longer model life, this generation, when considered as a whole, was the longest-lived one, possibly due ...


Toyota Corolla  E31 (1974-1979)

Toyota Corolla Coupe E37,E51 (1974-1979)

Toyota Corolla Liftback E55 (1975-1979)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon E36,E38 (1975-1979)

1979 : Generation 4

The fourth-generation model released in 1979 in Japan, and was the last generation to have the entire lineup in rear-wheel-drive configuration.
Although most of the fourth generation was replaced by 1984, the station wagon and van versions were offered into 1987.
In 1980 Corolla daily production reached an all-time high, averaging 2,346 units. ...


Toyota Corolla sedan E71,E72 (1979-1983)

Toyota Corolla coupe E71,E72,E75 (1979-1983)

Toyota Corolla break E71,E72 (1979-1983)

1983 : Generation 5

The fifth generation is generally regarded as the most popular Corolla when measured against its contemporaries, and some 3.3 million units were produced.
This model, from 1983, moved the Corolla into front wheel drive, except for the AE85 and AE86 Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno models (SR-5 / GT-S in USA) which continued on the older rear wheel drive platform, along with the three-door "liftback" (E72), three-door van (E70) and five-door wagon (E70) of the previous generation, that were still being produ ...


Toyota Corolla sedan  (1983-1987)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon  (1983-1986)

Toyota Corolla coupe  (1983-1987)

Toyota Corolla hatchback  (1984-1987)

1986 : Generation 6

The performance option of rear-wheel drive was dropped after 1986, with all Corollas front-wheel drive from 1987, with production beginning in May 1987.
For general export, the trim levels are Base, XL, GL, SE, and SE Limited.
The GT-i was sold in limited numbers in certain countries.
The all wheel drive Sprinter Carib wagon used a solid axle rear suspension with coil springs, while the rest used struts all around.
The 4WD wagon was sold from 1988 to 1994 and had different bodywork to other Corollas.
It wa ...


Toyota Corolla hatchback  (1986-1992)

Toyota Corolla sedan  (1986-1992)

Toyota Corolla Liftback  (1987-1991)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon  (1987-1991)

1992 : Generation 7

This generation Corolla was larger, heavier, and visually more aerodynamic than the model it replaced, with development chief Dr.
Akihiko Saito wanting to develop a 'mini-Lexus', after success with that range's flagship.
With its 2465 mm (97 in) wheelbase, the Corolla had moved into the compact size class once occupied by the Corona and Camry. ...


Toyota Corolla Liftback  (1992-1996)

Toyota Corolla hatchback  (1993-1996)

Toyota Corolla sedan  (1993-1996)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon  (1993-1996)

1997 : Generation 8

Introduced in May 1995, the eighth generation shared its platform (and doors, on some models) with its predecessor.
Due to a recession, Toyota ordered Corolla development chief Takayasu Honda to cut costs, hence the carry-over engineering. ...


Toyota Corolla hatchback  (1997-2000)

Toyota Corolla sedan  (1997-2000)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon  (1997-2000)

Toyota Corolla Liftback  (1997-2000)

Toyota Corolla Station Wagon  (2000-2001)

Toyota Corolla hatchback 3p  (2000-2001)

Toyota Corolla sedan  (2000-2001)

Toyota Corolla Liftback 5p  (2000-2006)

2002 : Generation 9

The ninth-generation Corolla (NZE120/ZZE120) first appeared in November 2000 (Japan) with edgier styling and a longer 2600 mm (102.4 in) wheelbase.
It is built on a shortened Toyota Vista platform—the Vista being a mid-sized, rather than compact car.
From being marketed as a premium compact sedan, to an affordable hatchback, the 9th-generation Corolla was designed as a 'Global' automobile to suit different market needs.
This was one of Toyota's most versatile and most popular models ever produced. ...


Toyota Corolla Hatchback  (2002-2006)

Toyota Corolla break  (2002-2015)

Toyota Corolla verso  (2002-2004)

Toyota Corolla sedan  (2002-2015)

Toyota Corolla verso  (2004-2008)

2006 : Generation 10


Toyota Corolla MK 10 sedan  (2006-2015)

Toyota Corolla MK 10 estate  (2006-2015)

Toyota Corolla WRC


Toyota Corolla WRC 

- 1997 - 1998 - 1999
The Toyota Corolla WRC (World Rally Car) is special purpose rally car based on the European Corolla 3 door Hatchback, and powered by a modified 3S-GTE engine and 4WD system from the Toyota Celica GT-Four. ...

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