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Renault models


Renault Laguna

 from 1990 to 2012

Renault Laguna road car

1994 : Generation 1

The first generation Renault Laguna was launched in December 1993 as replacement for the Renault 21, initially coming as a hatchback only.
Late in 1995 it was introduced an estate version, known in some markets as the Laguna Sport Tourer, and replaced the 21-based Renault Savanna/Nevada. ...


Renault Laguna   (1994-1997)

Renault Laguna break  (1995-1997)

Renault Laguna   (1998-2000)

Renault Laguna Nevada  (1998-2000)

2001 : Generation 2

At the end of 2000, after almost seven years of production, the original Laguna was replaced by an all-new model which shared its chassis with the Nissan Primera (which arrived a year later).
The engines were upgraded and the equipment list made longer.
Widely regarded as one of the safest vehicles on the road today, it was the first vehicle available in Europe to achieve 5 stars in the EuroNCAP crash test results, a feat which was soon followed by all other models in Renault UK's current model line-up. ...


Renault Laguna II  (2001-2004)

Renault Laguna II estate  (2001-2004)

Renault Laguna estate  (2005-2007)

Renault Laguna   (2005-2007)

2007 : Generation 3


Renault Laguna   (2007-2012)

Renault Laguna Estate  (2007-2012)

Renault Laguna coupe  (2010-2012)

Renault Laguna Concept car


Renault Laguna   concept

- 1990

Renault Laguna coupe  concept

- 2007

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