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Porsche models


Porsche 356

 from 1948 to 1965

Porsche 356 road car

1948 : Generation 1

Porsche 356 completed its first Stuttgart car on Good Friday, 1950 and never looked back.
Deliveries were underway by April, with the coupe priced at DM9950 (about $2,030).
By midyear, sales were 33 a month, versus the eight or nine projected in the Reutter contract.
By year’s end, sales totaled 298.
Sadly, the great Dr.
Ferdinand Porsche died in late January 1951, but he did live long enough to see the rapid progress of the cars and company that bore his name.
By the time of his passing, the factory’s cla ...


Porsche 356 Gmund / Stuttgart coupe  (1948-1954)

Porsche 356 convertible  (1950-1954)

Porsche 356 america  (1952-1953)

1955 : Generation 2

Great things for Porsche began with 1956 models that looked little different at first glance but actually represented a thorough update.
Per established Porsche custom, the new 356A bowed at the Frankfurt Show, in September 1955, entering production a few weeks later. ...


Porsche 356 a  (1955-1959)

Porsche 356 a speedster  (1955-1958)

Porsche 356 A Carrera  (1955-1959)

Porsche 356 a convertible  (1955-1959)

Porsche 356 Convertible D  (1959-1963)

1959 : Generation 3

Still, the basic Porsche 356 design had a lot of life left in it.
As if to prove that, Porsche trotted out the 356B in time for the Frankfurt Show in late ’59.
It was as close as Zuffenhausen ever got to a GM-style facelift.
Indeed, General Motors itself could have devised the cowl-forward makeover that seemed pretty frightening to old Porsche hands.
Erwin Komenda, still an active company designer, conjured a more massive front bumper with jumbo guards, then elevated it four inches for better protection.
R ...


Porsche 356 b coupe  (1959-1963)

Porsche 356 b roadster  (1959-1964)

1962 : Generation 4


Porsche 356 c coupe  (1962-1965)

Porsche 356 c convertible  (1962-1965)

Porsche 356 Race car


Porsche 356 SL 

- 1951 - 1952
This aluminium bodied 356 was crafted in a sawmill in Austria after the war. Frontal area was decreased to make this car slice through the air easier and to reduces drag. Ferry Porsche had received invitation from Le Mans organizers, namely Charles Faroux ...

Porsche 356 carrera abarth 

- 1960 - 1961
The Carrera GTL Abarth was based on the 356B, and was made using the same mechanical elements as the standard production car. Biggest difference was a new aerodynamic aluminium body, with a long, bumper less nose. The name of the Italian bodywork manufact ...

Porsche 356 Concept car


Porsche 356  - 01  concept

- 1948
The Porsche 356/1 was the first real Porsche car ever made. Based on an aluminum roadster body, the car was designed by longtime Porsche hand Erwin Komenda. It was styled by him in April 1948 and completed a month later. ...

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