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Pontiac models


Pontiac Bonneville

 from 1954 to 2005

Pontiac Bonneville road car

1957 : Generation 1

The Bonneville name first appeared in 1954 on a pair of bubble-topped GM Motorama concept cars called the Bonneville Special.
It entered the production lineup as a high-performance, fuel-injected luxury convertible within the Star Chief line in the 1957 model year and was loaded with every conceivable option as standard equipment with the exception of optional air conditioning.
This put the Bonneville in a Cadillac-like price range of $5,000 - more than double the base price of a Chieftain four-door sedan.


Pontiac Bonneville   (1957-1958)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1957-1958)

1959 : Generation 2

In its third year, the 1959 Bonneville became a full top-line series with the addition of the four-door hardtop sedan and Safari station wagon body styles.
The Bonneville played an important part that year in the introduction of two of Pontiac's greatest marketing inspirations the split grille and the Wide Track slogan.
The latter was not just ad copy, either, as Pontiac pushed its wheels further out toward the fenders than anyone else and created what were considered to be the best-cornering full-size c ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1959-1959)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1959-1959)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1960-1960)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1960-1960)

1961 : Generation 3

The Bonneville remained as Pontiac's costliest and most luxurious model throughout the 1960s and was instrumental in pushing Pontiac to third place in sales from 1962 to 1970. ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1961-1962)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1961-1962)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1963-1964)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1963-1964)

1965 : Generation 4

A General Motors corporate edict that took effect with the 1967 model year led Pontiac to discontinue the Tri Power engine options on all of its cars.
That year also brought a larger 400 cu in (6.6 L) V8 as the standard engine for Bonneville and other full-sized Pontiacs to replace the previous 389, while the 421 cu in (6.9 L) V8 was replaced by a new 428 cu in (7.0 L) engine that offered as much as 390 horsepower (290 kW).
Also beginning in 1967, carburetion was changed.
The previous standard 600 cfm Cart ...


Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1965-1966)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1965-1966)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1967-1967)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1967-1967)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1968-1969)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1968-1969)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1970-1970)

Pontiac Bonneville  convertible  (1970-1970)

1971 : Generation 5

For 1971, the Bonneville was moved down in the model hierarchy, as a new top line Grand Ville series was introduced.
In effect, it replaced the discontinued Executive between the lower-priced Catalina and the Grand Ville.
The Bonneville was offered in three body styles, a pillared four-door sedan, four-door hardtop sedan and two-door hardtop coupe.
The standard engine for 1971-72 was a 455 cubic-inch V8 with two-barrel carburetor that was rated at 280 gross horsepower for 1971 and 185 net horsepower for 19 ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1971-1972)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1973-1973)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1974-1974)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1975-1976)

1977 : Generation 6

Bonneville would continue its flagship duties on the downsized big car line that was introduced for 1977.
The downsized Bonnevilles (and Catalinas) were 14 inches (360 mm) shorter in length, over four inches (102 mm) narrower and 800 pounds lighter compared to their 1976 counterparts but had increased headroom, rear seat legroom and trunk space with much-improved fuel economy a major selling point in the years following the 1973-74 energy crisis. ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1977-1981)

1982 : Generation 7

In 1982, Pontiac abruptly moved the Bonneville nameplate from a full-size car to a mid-size car previously known as the Pontiac LeMans in both four-door sedan and Safari station wagon body styles with engine choices including a standard Buick 231 cubic-inch V6, optional Chevrolet 305 cubic-inch V8 or Oldsmobile 350 cubic-inch Diesel V8.
The 1982-1986 models were officially known as the "Bonneville Model G", although later models were not badged as such.
GM also began marketing the Bonneville in Canada for ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1982-1986)

1986 : Generation 8

For 1987, Pontiac introduced a radically different Bonneville.
Instead of using traditional rear-wheel-drive, the new Bonneville used a more economical front-wheel-drive platform.
It joined the two-year-old H Body platform with the Buick LeSabre and Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight.
Initially, a 150 hp (110 kW) 3.8 L V6 was the sole engine, mated to a 4 speed Hydramatic 4T60 automatic.
The new Bonneville was placed on Car & Driver's 10 Best list for 1987, offering both a base model and LE model.
For LE models, an S ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1986-1991)

1992 : Generation 9

In 1992 the interior and exterior of the car were completely redesigned.
This generation hosted quite a few Bonneville firsts, becoming quicker and considerably safer.
One of the most notable improvements over the previous generation was that the Bonneville SE now came standard with a driver airbag, while ABS was available as part of the sport appearance package.
The SSE models came with standard ABS and traction control.
The trims were redone once again, the LE trim (which had standard 6-passenger seating ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (1992-1995)

Pontiac Bonneville   (1996-1999)

2000 : Generation 10

The 2000 Bonneville was redesigned from the ground up with significant advancements in design, engineering and technology which Pontiac dubbed "luxury with attitude." It remained on the H-platform and true to its Wide Track heritage with the widest overall track in its competitive class at 62.6 inches up front and 62.1 inches (1,580 mm) in the rear.
GM's StabiliTrak stability control system was introduced on the top-of-the-line supercharged SSEi model. ...


Pontiac Bonneville   (2000-2005)

Pontiac Bonneville Concept car


Pontiac Bonneville Special  concept

- 1954
The Pontiac Bonneville Special was unveiled at the General Motors Motorama in 1954, the first 2-seater sports car Pontiac ever produced. Designed by renowned designer Harley J. Earl and hand built by Hommer LaGassey and Paul Gilland, the "Special" is an e ...

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