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Honda models


Honda Accord

 from 1976 to 2012

Honda Accord road car

1976 : Generation 1

The first generation Honda Accord was launched on May 7, 1976 as a three-door hatchback with 68 hp (51 kW), a 93.7-inch (2,380.0 mm) wheelbase, and a weight of about 2,000 pounds.
It was a platform expansion of the earlier Honda Civic at 162 inches (4,115 mm) long.
The Accord sold well due to its moderate size and great fuel economy.
It was one of the first Japanese sedans with features like cloth seats, a tachometer, intermittent wipers, and an AM/FM radio as standard equipment.
In 1978 an LX version of t ...


Honda Accord coupe  (1976-1981)

Honda Accord   (1977-1981)

1981 : Generation 2

Debuting on September 22, 1981 in Japan and Europe, and as a 1982 model in North America, this generation of the Accord being produced in Japan, became the first to also be built in the U.S., at Honda's plant in Marysville, Ohio.
Since its first year in the American market, it also became the best-selling Japanese nameplate in the U.S., holding that position for about 15 years.
In Japan, a sister model called the Honda Vigor was launched simultaneously with the new Accord.
This allowed Honda to sell the pr ...


Honda Accord sedan  (1981-1984)

Honda Accord Hatchback  (1981-1985)

1985 : Generation 3

The third generation Accord was introduced in Japan on June 4, 1985 and in Europe and North America in 1986.
It had a very striking exterior design, that resonated well with buyers internationally.
One notable feature was the flip-up headlights.
Because this generation was also sold as the Honda Vigor, the Accord received the concealed headlights.
Honda's Japanese dealership channel called Honda Verno all had styling elements that helped identify products only available at Honda Verno.
When the Prelude was ...


Honda Accord Sedan  (1985-1989)

Honda Accord aerodeck  (1986-1989)

Honda Accord Hatchback  (1986-1989)

1990 : Generation 4

The 4th generation Honda Accord, introduced on the "CB" chassis, was unveiled in 1989.
Although much larger than its predecessor the sedan's styling was evolutionary, featuring the same low slung design and wraparound rear window as the 3rd generation Accord.
For the first time a 3-door hatchback was no longer available internationally. ...


Honda Accord Sedan  (1990-1993)

Honda Accord aerodeck  (1990-1994)

Honda Accord Coupe  (1990-1993)

1992 : Generation 5

For the first time in the model's history, Honda developed two distinct versions of the Accord when the 5th generation model was launched; one version for the European market (launched in 1992) and one for the North American market, shared in Japan.
Honda and the Rover Group created the European Accord and the Rover 600, a reflection of the past success they had with the Honda Legend and the Rover 800.
This generation Accord was also badge engineered and sold in Japan as the Isuzu Aska, while Isuzu product ...


Honda Accord coupe  (1992-1997)

Honda Accord Sedan  (1993-1996)

Honda Accord Wagon  (1994-1995)

Honda Accord   (1996-1998)

Honda Accord Wagon  (1996-1998)

1998 : Generation 6

For the sixth generation, Honda split the Accord into three separate models, designed for the Japanese, North American, and European markets.
However, the wagon was discontinued in North America while the coupe was discontinued in Japan. ...


Honda Accord coupe  (1998-2001)

Honda Accord ,Torneo 4p  (1999-2002)

Honda Accord 5p  (1999-2002)

2002 : Generation 7

The seventh generation of the Accord was launched in 2002 (2003 model year in North America), and consists of two separate models; one for the Japanese and European markets, and the other for North America.
However, both were in fact sold in many other markets, fueled by the popular Cog advertisement for the Accord. ...


Honda Accord coupe  (2002-2007)

Honda Accord   (2003-2007)

Honda Accord Tourer  (2003-2007)

Honda Accord Sedan (Us version),Inspire  (2003-2007)

2007 : Generation 8


Honda Accord coupe  (2007-2010)

Honda Accord Sedan (Us version),Inspire  (2007-2010)

Honda Accord   (2008-2012)

Honda Accord Tourer  (2008-2012)

Honda Accord Crosstour  (2010-2012)

Honda Accord Sedan (Us version),Inspire  (2010-2012)

Honda Accord coupe  (2010-2012)

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