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Holden models


Holden Commodore

 from 1978 to 2015

Holden Commodore road car

1978 : Generation 1

The Holden VB Commodore was officially launched on 26 October 1978 with show rooms receiving the first examples on 13 November 1978.
Production of the VB only lasted seventeen months, the shortest reign of any Commodore.
The VB Commodore was effectively the successor of the Holden HZ, although most models in that series continued to be produced until the introduction of the facelifted Holden VC Commodore on 30 March 1980. ...


Holden Commodore  VB (1978-1980)

Holden Commodore  VC (1980-1981)

Holden Commodore estate VC (1980-1981)

Holden Commodore  VH (1981-1984)

Holden Commodore estate VH (1981-1984)

Holden Commodore ,Calais VK (1984-1986)

Holden Commodore ,Calais VL (1986-1988)

Holden Commodore estate VL (1986-1988)

1988 : Generation 2

This and subsequent versions based their bodywork on the Opel Senator and Omega, and the car was released on 17 August 1988.
As well as being highly based on the Opel Senator, the VN also was similarly based on the Opel Omega, but this time, the previous Holden VL Commodore floor plan was widened and stretched.
The Commodore could now match the rival Ford Falcon for size.
The VN Commodore was available in Executive, S, SS, Berlina and Calais specification levels, although a more basic SL model (opt.
code A ...


Holden Commodore ,Calais VN (1988-1991)

Holden Commodore estate VN (1988-1991)

Holden Commodore ,Calais,Monaro VP (1991-1993)

Holden Commodore estate VP (1991-1993)

Holden Commodore ,Calais,Monaro VR (1993-1995)

Holden Commodore ,Calais,Monaro VS (1995-1997)

1997 : Generation 3

The VT project was the outcome of an A$600 million development programme that spanned more than half a decade.
The new model sported a rounded exterior body shell, improved dynamics, and many firsts for an Australian-built car.
A stronger body structure, 30 percent stiffer than the VS increased crash safety. ...


Holden Commodore ,Calais VT (1997-2000)

Holden Commodore ,Calais Estate VT (1997-2000)

Holden Commodore ,Calais,Monaro VX (2000-2002)

Holden Commodore estate VX (2000-2002)

Holden Commodore  VY (2002-2004)

Holden Commodore estate VY (2002-2004)

Holden Commodore ,Berlina,Calais VZ (2004-2006)

Holden Commodore ,Berlina,Calais Wagon VZ (2004-2006)

2006 : Generation 4


Holden Commodore ,Berlina,Calais VE (2006-2015)

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