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Citroen models


Citroen 2cv

 from 1949 to 1990

Citroen 2cv road car

1949 : Generation 1

The 2CV belongs to a short list of vehicles introduced in the middle of the 20th century that remained relevant and competitive for many decades, such as the Jeep, Land Rover Series, Fiat 500, Mini and Volkswagen Beetle. ...


Citroen 2cv   (1949-1962)

Citroen 2cv fourgonette AU,AZU (1951-1962)

Citroen 2cv sahara  (1958-1960)

1963 : Generation 2

The improved 1963-70 AZAM model was the result of all this marketing work.
The 1960s were the heyday of the 2CV, when production finally caught up with demand. ...


Citroen 2cv   (1963-1969)

1970 : Generation 3

The highest annual production was in 1974.
Sales of the 2CV were reinvigorated by the 1974 oil crisis.
The 2CV after this time became more of a youth lifestyle statement than a basic functional form of transport.
This renewed popularity was encouraged by the Citroën "Raid" intercontinental endurance rallies of the 1970s where customers could participate by buying a new 2CV, fitted with a ruggedising kit to cope with thousands of miles of very poor or off-road routes. ...


Citroen 2cv   (1970-1990)

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