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Chrysler models


Chrysler 300

 from 1955 to 2012

Chrysler 300 road car

1955 : Generation 1

This first 'C-300' of the letter series cars didn't actually bear a letter; it can retroactively be considered the '300A'.
The 'C-' designation was applied to all Chrysler models, however for marketing purposes the numerical series skipped more than 225 numbers forward in sequence in order to further reinforce the 300's bhp rating.
The 300 originally stood for the 300 hp (220 kW) engine.
The C-300 was really a racecar aimed at the NASCAR circuits that was sold for the road for homologation purposes, with C ...


Chrysler 300 A,B  (1955-1956)

1957 : Generation 2

The 1957 300C is generally considered the classic year of the 300 "letter series".
New styling was brought in, with a yawning wide front grille and fins; the Hemi engine was upgraded to 392 cu in (6.4 L) with 375 hp (280 kW), or as a very limited edition 390 hp (290 kW) version (18 built).
A convertible model was available for the first time.
The car had a number of red, white, and blue '300C' medallions on the sides, hood, trunk and interior.
1,767 coupes and 484 convertibles were built.
A/C was $495. ...


Chrysler 300 C,D,E  (1957-1959)

Chrysler 300 C,D,E convertible  (1957-1959)

1960 : Generation 3

The 1960 300F introduced a new, higher power 413 cu in (6.8 L) Wedge engine delivering 375 hp (280 kW) in standard form.
To boost power at lower and mid rpms, a special "cross-ram" intake manifold was derived.
Instead of the normal V8 engine central intake manifold with carburetor(s) on top, the cross-ram consisted of two pairs of 30 in (760 mm) long tuned pipes that criss-crossed so that each set fed the opposite side of the engine.
The carburetors and air cleaners hung off the sides of the engine over th ...


Chrysler 300 F  (1960-1960)

Chrysler 300 F convertible  (1960-1960)

1961 : Generation 4

The 1961 300G saw another restyle.
The grille, formerly wider at the bottom than the top, was inverted; the quad headlights, formerly side-by-side, were arranged in angled fashion, inward at the bottom, in a manner reminiscent of 1958-1960 Lincolns.
Small parking lamps below the headlights were likewise slanted and V-shaped, and the front bumper was canted up at each end, scoop-like.
At the rear, the taillights were moved from the fins to the tail below them, and the fins were made sharper-pointed. ...


Chrysler 300 G,H  (1961-1962)

Chrysler 300 G,H convertible  (1961-1962)

1963 : Generation 5

Further restyling for the 1963 300J (the letter "I" was skipped because people would confuse it for the numeral "1".) left the car with a smoother, more angular 1960s look.
(Shared with the Newport and New Yorker series, this body design was the last one styled during Virgil Exner's term as Chrysler's styling chief.) The letter-series convertible was dropped, leaving the hardtop.
The only engine available was the 413 cu in (6.8 L) ram-induction V8, with an increase of 10 hp (7.5 kW) from 1962.
A redesigned ...


Chrysler 300 J,K  (1963-1964)

Chrysler 300 J,K convertible  (1963-1964)

1965 : Generation 6

The 1965 300L was the final year of the traditional letter series.
A complete restyle, with crisp lines, slab sides and a tall "greenhouse"--styling cues introduced by Elwood Engel when he succeeded Virgil Exner as Chrysler's styling boss--brought a sleek mid-1960s linear look to the cars, and dropped the panoramic windshield that had disappeared from other Chrysler models in 1961.
The cross-ram engine was no longer available; the 413 cu in (6.8 L) engine with regular carburetion and inlet manifold was the ...


Chrysler 300 L  (1965-1965)

Chrysler 300 L convertible  (1965-1965)

Chrysler 300   (1966-1966)

Chrysler 300 convertible  (1966-1966)

Chrysler 300   (1967-1967)

Chrysler 300 convertible  (1967-1967)

Chrysler 300   (1968-1968)

Chrysler 300  convertible  (1968-1968)

1969 : Generation 7

1969 was the first year of the distinctive fuselage styling and to make up for all the effort in the styling department 1968's option list was carried over wholesale.
Car Life named it their "Best Prestige Car" in September 1969. ...


Chrysler 300 CS  (1969-1971)

Chrysler 300 convertible  (1969-1970)

1999 : Generation 8

When Chrysler redesigned the LH-cars in 1998, the Eagle Vision was discontinued.
In order to fill the "import-fighter" gap, a position held by the Vision, Chrysler brought back the 300 name.
Chrysler once stated that if the Eagle brand had not been dropped, the 300M would instead be sold as a redesigned Vision.
Indeed, design images surfaced on the Internet showing a 300M with an Eagle badge on the grille.
The 300M was similar in exterior and almost identical in the interior as the Concorde.
The 300M also ...


Chrysler 300   (1999-2004)

2004 : Generation 9

The Chrysler 300 is based on the rear-wheel drive Chrysler LX platform which features components derived from the W211 Mercedes-Benz E-Class of 2003 to 2009.
For years it was incorrectly believed that the LX platform shared components from the older Mercedes W210, but it has been recently revealed by an LX chassis engineer that it wasn't the case.
"One thing that a lot of people said at the time and probably still think is that when we were doing that car, that we were just giving the old E-class stuff and ...


Chrysler 300 C  (2004-2010)

Chrysler 300 C Touring  (2006-2010)

2011 : Generation 10


Chrysler 300   (2011-2012)

Chrysler 300 Concept car


Chrysler 300   concept

- 1991

Chrysler 300 HEMI C Convertible  concept

- 2000

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