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Cadillac models


Cadillac 60 Special

 from 1938 to 1976

Cadillac 60 Special road car

1938 : Generation 1

For 1938, the Bill Mitchell designed Sixty Special was added to Cadillac's lowest-priced line of cars - the Cadillac Series 60, and was Fisher bodied for that year only.
The new four-door sedan, designed to look like a convertible, showcased trend-setting features including a completely integrated trunk, lack of side running boards (which all makes soon followed), and four front-hinged doors.
It was built on a 127.0-inch (3,230 mm) wheelbase - 3-inch (76 mm) longer than the standard Series 60 cars.
The new ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1938-1941)

1942 : Generation 2

The completely new Sixty Special for 1942 was 7 inches (180 mm) longer and 1 inch (25 mm) lower than the 1941 model, and now riding a wheelbase of 133 inches (3,400 mm), longer than any other non-limousine Cadillac.
This marked the beginning of what would become a central characteristic of the Sixty Special.
For 28 of the next 34 model years of its existence the Sixty Special would feature a uniquely stretched GM C-Body with noticeably greater legroom and headroom. ...


Cadillac 60 special   (1942-1947)

1948 : Generation 3

Nearly every model was redesigned for 1948, including the $3,820 Sixty Special.
With all-new sheet metal, but still riding an exclusive 133-inch wheelbase, the luxurious Sixty Special weighed in at 4,370 pounds shipping weight (over 4,500 pounds curb weight).
Inside, electric window lifts and a two-way power bench seat were standard equipment.
A clever rainbow-shaped instrument cluster which put all the gauges directly above the steering column in front of the driver was used for 1948 only, while a new cur ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1948-1949)

1950 : Generation 4

Throughout the 1950s, the Sixty Special would continue as a stretched and optioned-up version of the Cadillac Series 62, but lost the manual transmission. ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1950-1953)

1954 : Generation 5

All 1954 Cadillacs wore new sheet metal, but unfortunately the $4,683 Sixty Special still looked too much like its lower-priced sibling, the Series 62.
Wheelbase for Sixty Special was back up to 133 inches where it had been in 1949.
Refined power steering, from Saginaw, became standard equipment, along with electric windshield washers.
New options included a four-way electrically power bench seat, and power brakes from Bendix.
As they had been doing since its introduction in 1949, Cadillac was able to pu ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1954-1956)

1957 : Generation 6

Cadillac introduced its first production four-door hardtop, the Sedan de Ville, in 1956.
When Cadillac redesigned all of its standard models for 1957, the Sixty Special adopted the pillarless design as well.
Priced at a hefty $5,539, the 4,761 pound (shipping weight) Sixty Special production reached an impressive 24,000 units - a sales plateau that the nameplate would never achieve again.
The chrome fender louvers, a Sixty Special trademark since 1942, were gone in favor of a giant ribbed metallic panel th ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1957-1957)

Cadillac 60 Special   (1958-1958)

1959 : Generation 7

In 1959, the memorable "zap!" fins appeared on nearly all Cadillacs this year, including the Sixty Special.
Now riding a three-inch-shorter (76 mm) wheelbase (130 inches), the 225-inch-long Sixty Special continued as a pillar-less hardtop with its own distinct moldings - including a side-mounted dummy air-scoop on the rear fender, and a thin chrome bead that ran from the front fender back to the rear bumper, and then forward again to the front wheel well.
The fin-mounted tail lights pods (which were body-c ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1959-1959)

Cadillac 60 Special   (1960-1960)

1961 : Generation 8

For 1961, Cadillac's Sixty Special received all-new sheet metal, with a crisp, formal roofline fitted with a vinyl covering and a mildly shorter 129.5 in (3,290 mm) wheelbase.
The small decorative louvers were back, this time just ahead of the tail lights.
Sales were up to 15,500 units.
With the cancellation of the four-door Eldorado Brougham at the end of 1960, the 1961 Sixty Special now became the sedan companion to the Eldorado convertible.
Power steering was standard. ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1961-1962)

Cadillac 60 Special   (1963-1964)

1965 : Generation 9

1965 featured all-new styling, and a longer 133-inch wheelbase with a stretched GM C-Body for the first time since the 1958 model year.
The Sixty Special was now back to being a pillared sedan (the B-pillar was absent from 1957), and also new for 1965 was the available "Brougham" package, which added $194 to Sixty Special's base price of $6,479.
Included in the package was a padded grained-vinyl roof covering with "Brougham" nomenclature on the C-pillar.
18,100 Sixty Specials were built for 1965.
Also, wit ...


Cadillac 60 Special   (1965-1968)

Cadillac 60 Special   (1969-1970)

1971 : Generation 10

The new GM full-size bodies for 1971, at 64.3 inches front shoulder room (62.1 inches on Cadillac) and 63.4 inches rear shoulder room (64.0 inches on Cadillac) set a record for interior width that would not be matched by any car until the full-size GM rear-wheel-drive models of the early to mid-1990s.
Following this remodel, the Sixty Special remained basically unchanged through 1976, save for front and rear-end refreshenings.
The car shared styling cues with the lesser models.
The most dramatic of these c ...


Cadillac 60 Special Brougham,Fleetwood  (1971-1973)

Cadillac 60 Special Brougham,Fleetwood  (1974-1974)

Cadillac 60 Special Brougham,Fleetwood  (1975-1976)

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