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Audi models


Audi S4

 from 1992 to 2015

Audi S4 road car

1992 : Generation 1

Factory production of the original Audi S4 (Typ 4A) began in August 1991 to serve as the performance version of the newly updated C4 platform 100 four-door, five-seat saloon.
It was designed to replace the outgoing C3 based Audi 200 quattro turbo, which had been Audi's first true sports-saloon and had been discontinued at the end of 1990.
Being the first S4 model from Audi, it is commonly referred to as the Ur-S4, derrived from the German: Ursprünglich augmentive word (meaning: original). ...


Audi S4  C4 (1992-1994)

Audi S4 Avant C4 (1992-1994)

1997 : Generation 2

The second generation S4 (Typ 8D), now correctly titled Audi S4 quattro debuted in 1997, with factory production commencing October 1997, as part of the facelifted B5 platform Audi A4 line-up, although it wasn't available in North America until late 1999. ...


Audi S4  B5 (1997-2000)

Audi S4 Avant B5 (1997-2000)

Audi S4  B5 (2000-2002)

Audi S4 Avant B5 (2000-2002)

2002 : Generation 3

The third generation Audi S4 quattro (Typ 8E — saloon: 8E2, Avant: 8E5, and Cabriolet: 8H7) debuted its saloon and Avant bodystyles in Europe in March 2003, and appeared in North America slightly later.
This was based on the latest Volkswagen Group B6 (PL46) platform used by the then current Audi B6 A4.
Despite having moved to an entirely new platform, one of the S4's most publicised new features was its new internal combustion engine - a 4.2 litre V8 engine.
Following its initial launch of either a four-d ...


Audi S4  B6 (2002-2005)

Audi S4 Avant B6 (2002-2005)

Audi S4 Cabriolet B6 (2002-2005)

2006 : Generation 4

The Audi B7 platform Audi S4 quattro, based on the Audi B7 A4, debuted in late 2005.
Although Audi classifies it as a new car, the differences between it and the outgoing B6 S4 casually appear to be primarily cosmetic, and is still classified by the internal designation: Typ 8E (although with revised sub-designations - saloon: 8EC, Avant: 8ED, and Cabriolet: 8HE).
It has the same 4.2 litre V8 engine (identification code: BBK) as the B6 S4, producing a power output of 253 kilowatts (344 PS; 339 bhp) at 7,00 ...


Audi S4  B7 (2006-2008)

Audi S4 Avant B7 (2006-2008)

Audi S4 Cabriolet B7 (2006-2008)

2008 : Generation 5


Audi S4  B8 (2008-2015)

Audi S4 Avant B8 (2008-2015)

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