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 Stephens 1898


The Stephens  1898 was produced from 1898 to 1898
1 engine is on Histomobile.

Stephens 1898 

Richard Stephens of Clevedon in Somerset was a bicycle maker and general engineer who devised a much refined and more sophisticated version of the Benz. It was an improveŽment on its contemporary from GerŽmany by virtue of its engine, which was considerably bigger, and gave a better power-to-weight ratio, providing around 10 b.h.p. at 800 r.p.m. for a weight of 11 cwt. The motor also had more efficient water cooling. Maximum speed was 25 m.p.h. Front suspension was independent, a very advanced feature, with each wheel in a separate fork, and a single transverse spring. Stephens' first car is illustrated. Few were built. Stephens also made some six- and nine-passenger types for public service work. A six-passenger version was the first motor taxi to appear in the city of Bath. These larger cars differed from the private passenger cars' by having larger engines, jet carburettors, and hot-tube ignition.

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