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 Porsche 935


The Porsche  935 was produced from 1976 to 1981
2 engines from 2.8 to 3.2 liter and power from 590hp to 845hp, are on Histomobile.

Porsche 935 


The car debuted in the 1976 season by the Martini sponsored works team in the FIA World Championship for Makes with Jacky Ickx and Jochen Mass partnering in one car and Rolf Stommelen and Manfred Schurti in the other. As in Group 5 rules, also known as Silhouette rules, several significant modifications were allowed (including bodywork modifications, larger wings, wider axles and water cooling), the 935 changed its looks often. First, the whale tail rear wing appeared, then the rear fenders were extended in a similar fashion.
Initially, Porsche were to run the 935 with its original nose in two different guises (the sprint version with a wider version of its wheelarches and a high speed with a modified aerodynamic version. But however, after carefully studying the rulebooks, Porsche discovered a loophole which gave them the liberty to move the headlights into the front spoiler to reduce drag and create more downforce for high speed circuits. The "original" This flat nose became the distinguishing feature of the 935 and was often copied for road going 911. The sprint setup became seldomly used.

The engine was a 2.85 L 560hp version of the regular 3.0 L flat-6, which ran in the 4.0 L class as a turbocharged car with a penalty factor of 1.4. Weight was 970 kg (2136 lb).
Based on the 1976 version, the Porsche 935 was sold to privateer teams for the 1977 season.

The factory continued to develop and race a factory 935 though. For 1977, the single turbo was replaced by two KKK units, and the body was changed. Customers were not happy that the factory would race them with a newer car, but as the 935/77 was often unreliable, it could be beaten.

A "Baby" version with the 935/77 body, but with only 750kg and 370hp from only 1425 cc to race in the 2.0 L class of the DRM, was developed to prove that Porsche could win in this class against BMW and Ford, too. It won in the second entry at Hockenheimring and was retired to the Porsche Museum.

935/78 "Moby Dick"

For 1978, yet another version was developed, the 935/78. It took full advantage of loop holes in the Group 5 rules and was lowered by 10cm. Because of its shape, with a long front and rear optimised for low drag, the 935/78 was often nicknamed Moby Dick. The engine was enlarged to 3.2 L and equipped with water-cooled four valve cylinder heads, pushing the output to 750 hp (about 560 kW). This version won the 6h of Silverstone and was the fastest car on the straight in Le Mans at over 360 km/h, easily passing the prototypes of Renault and their team-mate Porsche 936, too, as the Group 6 cars had smaller engines.

Private non-factory built "Moby Dick" style replica cars were entered into the DRM and IMSA series in following years by Joest Racing and Moretti racing.

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