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Oldsmobile models

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Oldsmobile 88

Generation 9

For 1986, the Delta 88 switched platforms from the GM B platform to the smaller front-wheel drive H platform, with a wheelbase of only 110.8 inches (2,814 mm). The headlights changed from square sealed beam quads to integrated regular/high beam composite lamps in 1987. A few NASCAR teams built racecars with 1986 Delta 88 sheeetmetal and ran them on the circuit in the 86-88 seasons, however only one victory (Terry LaBonte) was scored.

Oldsmobile 88

For 1989, the "Delta" name was dropped, as was the hood ornament, leaving the model to simply become the "Eighty Eight," now spelled out instead of using the "88" in numerical form, and deleted the amber color from the taillights.

The Eighty Eight was given a mild facelift in 1990, eschewing the former chromed grille for a body-colored fascia with four slots and the Oldsmobile Rocket logo. In the rear, new taillights and backup lights extended across the body; once again, chrome trim was deleted.

The model range during this time was the standard Eighty Eight, the Eighty Eight Royale, and the Eighty Eight Royale Brougham, in ascending order.


1986–1988.5 – 3.8 L (231 in³) LG3 V6
1988.5–1991 – 3.8 L (231 in³) 3800 LN3 V6


1986–1988.5 – 440-T4 4-speed automatic overdrive
1988.5–1991 – 4T60 4-speed automatic overdrive

This generation of Delta 88s had an optional voice diagnostic system that alerted the driver of problems.[14] The voice was male and computer synthesized.
In the event of a warning, the door chime played three times rapidly and then played the voice alert. This happened twice in case the driver missed the warning the first time. Every alert also had corresponding light on the instrument cluster.

Oldsmobile 88

Warnings included:

"The engine coolant level is low!"[15]
"The engine is overheating! Please stop the engine and consult the owner's manual!"
"The park brake is not fully released!"
"The key is in the ignition!" (Upon opening the door with the key inserted into the ignition.)
"The headlights are on!" (Upon turning off the car with the headlights on.)

Oldsmobile 88

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