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Oldsmobile 88

Generation 5

An all-new body and chassis with perimeter "Guard Beam" frame and all-coil suspension replacing the previous leaf springs highlighted the 1961 full-sized Oldsmobiles, which were joined by the new compact F-85. Wheelbases remained the same as in 1960, but overall length and width were reduced slightly. All full-sized Oldsmobiles were now powered by the 394 cubic-inch Rocket V8 with the Dynamic 88 getting a two-barrel, 250 hp (186 kW) version that used regular gas, while the Super 88 was powered by a four-barrel "Ultra High Compression" 394 Skyrocket V8 rated at 325 hp (242 kW). The Skyrocket engine was available as an extra-cost option on the Dynamic 88. A new three-speed "Roto" Hydra-matic transmission that was smaller and lighter than the previous four-speed unit was introduced as an option.

Oldsmobile 88 Dynamic,Super,Jetstar

At mid-year, a sporty and luxurious convertible called the Starfire was introduced. It was based on the Super 88 ragtop and featured leather bucket seats, center console with floor shifter for the Hydra-matic transmission (incidentally the first U.S. full-sized production car to feature an automatic transmission with a console-mounted floor shifter) and loads of other standard items such as power steering, brakes, windows and driver's seat. The Starfire was also powered by an even higher-performance version of the "Ultra High Compression" 394-cubic-inch Starfire V8 rated at 335 hp (250 kW).

The 1962 88 received a minor facelift that included a revised grille and taillights, along with a new convertible-like roofline on Holiday hardtop coupes. Length was increased somewhat to give the '62 Olds a longer look. Engines were uprated to 280 hp (209 kW) for the standard engine in the Dynamic 88 thanks to a higher compression ratio that demanded the use of premium fuel (a regular-fuel 260 hp (194 kW) version was offered as a no-cost option), 330 horses for the "Skyrocket" V8 standard on Super 88 and Ninety-Eight and 345 horses for the top Starfire Rocket V8. Heaters became standard equipment on all models.

New, squared-off styling highlighted the 1963 full-sized Oldsmobiles. Models and drivetrains in both the Dynamic 88 and Super 88 series were unchanged from 1962. New options this year included a "Tilt-Away" steering wheel that could be adjusted to six positions, AM/FM radio and cruise control.

For 1964, Oldsmobile's full-sized cars received a minor facelift that included new grilles and taillights. New this year was the introduction of new price leader full-sized Olds series, the Jetstar 88, which used the same basic bodyshell as other 88 models, but shared the many of the mid-size car components with the F-85. The Jetstar 88 used the smaller 330 V8 and Jetaway (Super Turbine 300) two-speed automatic transmission in place of the 394-cubic-inch V8 and Hydra-Matic found in other Oldsmobiles, and 9.5-inch (241.3 mm) drum brakes which were less effective than the 11-inch (279 mm) drums found on other full-sized Olds models including the top-selling Dynamic 88, the plusher and more powerful Super 88 and the larger and more luxurious Ninety-Eight. 1964 also saw the introduction of the Jetstar I. This model was produced for just two years and was a direct competitor to the Pontiac Grand Prix in the same $3,500 price range. The Jetstar I shared the notchback body style with the Starfire along with its more powerful 345 hp (257 kW) 394-cubic-inch Rocket V8 engine but with less standard equipment and a lower price tag. The Jetstar I is distinguishable from the Starfire and Jetstar 88 in that the rear window on the Jetstar I is concave, rather than convex. The year 1964 was the last for the Super 88 series, which was replaced by the new Delta 88 for 1965. It was also the last year for Olds to offer full-sized station wagons for several years as the division introduced a new Vista Cruiser wagon in mid-1964 that featured skylights and a raised roofline over the rear seat and cargo area and offered six- or nine-passenger seating with all seats facing forward. The Vista Cruiser was basically a stretched-out version of the intermediate F-85/Cutlass wagons with a six-inch (152 mm) longer wheelbase, making it comparable in overall size to the full-sized Chevrolet Impala and Pontiac Catalina wagons.

Oldsmobile 88 Dynamic,Super,Jetstar convertible

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