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Mazda Capella

Generation 3

The third generation rear-wheel drive Capella was available between 1978 and 1982, in both sedan and coupe forms. It was known on export markets as the Mazda 626, with the exception of the United Kingdom, where it was called the Mazda Montrose, the name was changed to honour the local Mazda dealership in Montrose. Early models had two slightly different frontal treatments, one with a more pronounced sloping grille to denote some models, particularly on the Japanese domestic market. A bolder front and rear facelift, though similar in appearance, was done for 1981 but this model was not sold in the UK. It was, however offered in Europe and this and later generations were particularly popular in Germany.

Mazda Capella

This generation was assembled in New Zealand in three versions - four-speed manual base, three-speed automatic mid range and five-speed manual Limited. Facelift models were much the same but some had velour upholstery and tinted glass.

In 1982, Mazda NZ offered a locally assembled limited edition model called the Anniversary to mark 10 years of local build. Based on the Limited, this model had larger US-style bumpers, additional driving lights in the grille, a standard AM radio (this was a year before FM stereo radio was introduced in NZ) plus alloy wheels and unique velour upholstery. This was also the first NZ-built Mazda to have a laminated windscreen as standard.

Mazda Capella

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