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Mazda Capella

Generation 7

A new seventh-generation Capella appeared in 1997 with the GF platform. The Mazda Cronos name was retired and the Capella, 626, and Telstar once again shared a common platform. All-wheel drive was optional in Japan.

Mazda Capella 4p

By now, Ford had decided to reintroduce European models in Australasia so the Mondeo replaced the Telstar in most markets though the latter was still sold in Japan.

Once again, the station wagon version used a slightly modified, carryover platform (now called GW). The wheelbase was 60 mm (2.4 in) longer than the sedan, and a V6 engine was offered.

The Capella was updated in 1999 with a new interior and exterior, cabin air filtration, an available turbodiesel engine, a new Activematic manually operated automatic transmission, and available EBD and DSC.

Mazda Capella 5p


1.8 L FP-DE I4 (19972001)
2.0 L FS-DE I4 (19972001)
2.0 L FS-ZE I4 (19972001)
2.0 L RF Turbo-Diesel I4 (19992001)
2.5 L KL-ZE V6 (Wagon only, 19972001)

Mazda Capella wagon

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