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 Maserati Tipo V5


The Maserati  Tipo V5 was produced from 1932 to 1932
1 engine 4.9 liter with 360hp, is on Histomobile.1 unit(s) produced.

Designer : Alfieri & Ernesto Maserati

Maserati Tipo V5 

Following the success with coupled engines Alfieri Maserati took the concept further by redesigning the V4 with a stoke of 82 mm as used in the 26M and an increase in the bore to 69 mm providing more than 330 bhp from its 16 cylinders. Whist the car had exceptional performance and a very favourable power to weight, the increase in power imposed strains on the chassis. With larger brakes, wheels and a different exhaust the car entered the 1932 season to be confronted with the Alfa Type B single seater - the V5 as a two seater was showing its age, despite some epic battles with the Alfa. The death of Amedeo Ruggeri during a world speed record attempt was its last use in that year. In 1933 two engines were used successfully by Theo Rossi on the boat the Montelera XV. In 1934 the car reappeared in the Tripoli GP fitted with hydraulic brakes and new Bosch magnetos, following its near destruction in 1932.. Unfortunately the car left the road disastrously with Piero Taruffi at the wheel. That was its last appearance.

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