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Luc Court models

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 Luc Court 8 CV (race car)


The Luc Court  8 CV (race car) was produced from 1901 to 1901
1 engine 2.3 liter with 13hp, is on Histomobile.

Luc Court 8 CV (race car)

Luc Court et Cie were set up in 1892 to make electrical equipment, and in 1901 began to build cars and engines. The 8-h.p. model shown, like others of the make, was remarkable for two features —its five-speed gear-box, and the 'double-chassis' system of Louis-Paul Lecoin, which allowed rapid changes of body style. The car illustrated weighed rather over 14 cwt., and was capable of 34 m.p.h.

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