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Honda Accord

Generation 1

The first generation Honda Accord was launched on May 7, 1976 as a three-door hatchback with 68 hp (51 kW), a 93.7-inch (2,380.0 mm) wheelbase, and a weight of about 2,000 pounds. It was a platform expansion of the earlier Honda Civic at 162 inches (4,115 mm) long. The Accord sold well due to its moderate size and great fuel economy. It was one of the first Japanese sedans with features like cloth seats, a tachometer, intermittent wipers, and an AM/FM radio as standard equipment. In 1978 an LX version of the coupe was added which came with air conditioning, a digital clock, and power steering.

Honda Accord coupe

On October 14, 1977, a four-door sedan was added to the lineup, and power went to 72 hp (54 kW) when the 1,599 cc (97.6 cu in)[7] EL1 engine was supplemented and in certain markets replaced by the 1,751 cc (106.9 cu in) an EK-1 unit. In 1980 the optional two-speed semi-automatic transmission of previous years became a three-speed gearbox (a 'proper' self-shifting four-speed automatic transmission was not used in the Accord until the 1984 model year). Slightly redesigned bumper trim, new grilles and taillamps and remote mirrors were added on the 4-door (chrome) and the LX (black plastic) models. The CVCC badges were deleted, but the CVCC induction system remained. In 1981 an SE model was added for the first time, with Novillo leather seats and power windows. Base model hatchbacks, along with the 4-door, LX, and SE 4-door, all received the same smaller black plastic remote mirror. The instrument cluster was revised with mostly pictograms which replaced worded warning lights and gauge markings. Nivorno Beige (code #Y-39) replaced Oslo Beige (#YR-43). Dark brown was discontinued, as was the bronze metallic. The shifter was redesigned to have a stronger spring to prevent unintentional engagement of reverse, replacing the spring-loaded shift knob of the 1976 through 1980 model cars.

Honda Accord

The Accord competed with Japanese competitors such as the Toyota Corona, Datsun 510, Mazda 626 and Mitsubishi Galant.

Honda Accord

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