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 Corbin Sparrow


The Corbin  Sparrow was produced from 1999 to 2003
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Corbin Sparrow 

The Sparrow Personal Transit Module (P.T.M.) is a single passenger vehicle designed specifically for commuters and innercity driving. Powered by thirteen 12 volt batteries, the Sparrow provides an effective range od 30 to 60 miles and a top speed of 70 mph. A vast percentage of commuters in the United States commute 18 miles or less to work daily and most do so alone. The Sparrow allows all of the convenience and freedom of driving your own vehicle with these added benefits:

The Sparrow uses the carpool lane because it registers as a motorcycle and is carrying 100% passenger capacity when driving alone. In some states, this also makes the Sparrow exempt from road / bridge tolls.
At 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, it easily parks in motorcycle parking. Saves a lot of parking area and can easily curb park just like a motorcycle.
Highly efficient and "Green", the Sparrow is powered by electricity and has Zero emissions.
Extremely cost effective: the average commuter will pay less than 75 cents per day to charge their car for the commute to work.
The Sparrow's small footprint allows it to curb park like a motorcycle, making it perfect for inner-city use. A standard parking lot could effectively hold 4 times as many Sparrows as standard cars.
The extremely stable and agile 3-wheel design is fun to drive and handles like a slot car. Features A-arm suspension in the front with a single sided swing arm in the rear. Disk brakes on all three wheels provide excellent stopping power.
Light weight mono-coque chassis is constructed of high-tech composites for strength and passenger safety. It's almost like driving down the road fully enclosed in a motorcycle helmet.

The Sparrow's electric motor provides excellent performance while its aerodynamic body slides through the wind effortlessly.
Inventor/Designer Mike Corbin is a long time veteran of electric vehicle development. In 1974, at the Bonneville salt flats he set the land speed record for an electric powered vehicle on a custom built motorcycle at a round trip average of 165.367 mph with a top speed of 171.102 mph. A speed record that stands unbroken to this day! Since that time it has been Mike's dream to develop an energy efficient vehicle that could change the face of transportation as we know it. Enter the Sparrow!

San Francisco
"We're not trying to replace the family car," claims Corbin "the Sparrow is a niche vehicle designed for commuters." With a range of 30 to 60 miles, the Sparrow can fill the bill for almost 87% of commuters in the US and do so very efficiently. Technically, the Sparrow is a motorcycle since it has three wheels and weighs under 1500 pounds. This motorcycle designation is less expensive to insure and allows Sparrow drivers to use the carpool lane thus avoiding the gridlock of rush hour traffic. The Sparrow features all of the amenities of a standard automobile except that it's not hauling an extra three or four unused passenger seats along for the ride. Here's another welcome change for the EV market... a low price point!

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