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 Citroen Type b2


The Citroen  Type b2 was produced from 1921 to 1926
1 engine 1.4 liter with 22hp, is on Histomobile.89841 unit(s) produced.

Citroen Type b2 

The Type B2 was launched at the Paris Salon in 1921.

The B2 represented a development of the Type A with a more powerful engine and quickly achieved success thanks to its robustness and economy. It came fully equipped with electrics and tyres unlike much of its competition.
André Citroën launched a fleet of Paris taxis employing a special version of the B2.

The B2 remained in production until 1927.
Body styles in 1922 included Torpédo 4 Places in Serie, Serie Luxe, Tourisme Luxe and Sport finishes, Conduite Interieure 3 and 4 places, Coupé de Ville Serie and Grand Luxe and Landaulet Grand Luxe. The range was extended to include the elegant Sport Caddy, the Normande, the Taxi, a Cabriolet, a Coupé and a Trefle Torpédo.

The B10 was launched in 1925 and was mechanically similar to the B2 but employed all metal coachwork
Julian Marsh (http://www.citroenet.org.uk)

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