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 Chevrolet Sequel concept


The Chevrolet  Sequel concept was produced from 2005 to 2005
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Chevrolet Sequel  concept

The Sequel's fuel-cell stack has a rated power output of 73 kW (98 hp), supplemented by a lithium-ion battery pack rated at 65 kW. One 65 kW electric motor drives the front wheels and individual 25 kW wheel-motors (outboard of the rear brakes) drive each rear wheel, providing total tractive power of 115 kW.

Although this may not sound like much power, electric motors have different characteristics from internal-combustion engines. Specifically, they achieve maximum torque at start-up. Consequently, according to GM's figures, the Sequel will accelerate from 0-to-96 km/h in less than 10 seconds more quickly than a Hummer H3 and well within the CUV/SUV norm.
Hydrogen storage and, consequently, driving range are major challenges in the development of fuel-cell vehicles. The Sequel stores 8 kg of gaseous hydrogen in three cylindrical, carbon-composite fuel tanks, pressurized to 700 bar (10,000 p.s.i.) and mounted longitudinally beneath the cabin floor. That is sufficient to provide an unprecedented range of more than 480 km between fill-ups, in spite of the vehicle's considerable 2,170-kilogram mass.

The Sequel is just short of five-metres long (4994 mm), on an exceptionally long (3040 mm) wheelbase the better to accommodate the extremely long fuel tanks. As a result, it is a very roomy vehicle, particularly in the rear seat.

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