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 BMW 6er Series (E24)


The BMW  6er Series (E24) was produced from 1976 to 1989
5 engines from 2.7 to 3.4 liter and power from 184hp to 218hp, are on Histomobile.

BMW 6er Series  (E24)

The E24 was indeed a worthy successor to the previous E9 3.0CS/i coupe. It was built between 1976 to early 1989 with fairly few body changes, perfection is difficult to improve on after all. The shark like nose of the E24 is still a thing of beauty even now, no BMW has ever been so distinctive. The E24 has huge presence.

The proven E28 5 series provided the chassis and many mechanicals for it slightly bigger brother.
There has never been a true successor to the E24, the eight series is a different type of car and is much more expensive.
The first model was the rare 630CS which used the same engine as the 3.0CS, it can be spotted due to its very small rear bumper. The 630CSi followed in the US and then the 633CSi. The 628CSi was a budget model for europe which was introduced in late 1979. It was complemented by the excellent 635CSi. The awesome M6 24 valve model produced a whopping 286bhp and remains one of the most desireable BMWs ever.
US versions of this car suffered terribly from anti-pollution regulations which greatly reduced engine power. They also had awful looking huge impact bumpers and were heavier. As a result euro cars are much better performers than their US equivalents. This difference reached its climax in the US L6 version. This car had an extremely luxurious extra, ie was 450kg heaver, and yet only had a 182 bhp engine!

All E24s were based on the M30 "big six" engine. All were 12 valve units except the 24 valve M6. The 630 was the only non-injection engined model.
All 635 models were not born equal. In June 1982 the engine used was upgraded to the version from the seven series. This uses less fuel due to better computer control systems but has little power difference and is far more desirable.

ABS was an option on early cars, not standard equipment. LSD was an option on most later models. Automatic cars are 20kg heavier.
US power figures for this car were quite a bit lower than euro figures and the cars were around 85kg heavier as well.
Some euro manual cars had the dog leg close ratio gearbox with first gear on it's own and second, third paired next to fourth and fifth. Most post 1984 cars were automatics in europe unfortunately. Some early cars only had a 4 speed manual box or a three speed auto, later autos were 4 speed. Many drivers believe the auto takes the edge of the performance, late model manual cars are worth more.

The L6 was a luxury version only available in the US and in automatic form. In the UK it was called the 635CSi Highline and some manual cars were made. This car had a leather head lining, leather door skins, leather dashboard, etc.

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