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 Audi 100


The Audi  100 was produced from 1968 to 1976
6 engines from 1.5 to 1.8 liter and power from 80hp to 112hp, are on Histomobile.796000 unit(s) produced.

Audi 100 

New era started in 1968. At the end of this year the first car of Audi's new model line was produced. New Audi 100 has being designed contrary to the Audi marketing plans and helped Audi to became Audi. Chief manager Heinrich Nordhoff orders: "No new automobile designs. We are sticking solely to the models already in production" but the development chief Ludwig Kraus had his own opinion on this issue. And he gets to work designing a new middle-of-the-line car in secret.

When new development has being decided to show to Nordhoff his reaction was unpredictable. Chief manager inspected the model with irritation but suddenly his verdict surprises everyone: "Give this car the green light!" And Audi 100 saves the company from the brink of a crisis.
The first Audi 100 was stylistically similar to previous models - Audi 60, 75, 80 and Super 90, but had absolutely new body. Some technical solutions were taken from VW K70, but at the early beginning Audi 100 has the 1.8 liter engine contrary to K70 with 1.6 liter.
Four cylinder longitudinally mounted OHC engine had capacity 1760 cc. Audi 100 had compression ratio 9.1, SOLEX 35 PDSIT-5 carburetor and output 80 hp/5000 rpm. Audi 100S had compression ratio 10.2 and output 90 hp/5500 rpm. Audi 100LS had compression ratio 10.2, SOLEX 32 TDID carburetor and output 100 hp/5500 rpm. With this engine it has maximum speed 170 km/h and accelerated to 100 km/h for 11.9 s.
Audi 100S Coupe had an 1881 cc engine with 115 hp/5500 rpm and maximum speed 185 km/h.
Car had an independent front suspension with two transverse triangle bones and rear suspension with trailing arms and Panhard bar. Front brake disks has similar design to K70 with inside disks (near the gearbox).
The first Audi 100 was smaller than the next generations.

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