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 Maserati Indy


The Maserati  Indy was produced from 1968 to 1974
3 engines from 4.1 to 4.9 liter and power from 260hp to 335hp, are on Histomobile.1130 unit(s) produced.

Designer : Vignale

Maserati Indy 

Following the mechnical recipe of the Quattroporte, Mexico and Ghibli, the Indy (Tipo 116) was introduced at the Turin Motorshow of 1968. The main difference to those earlier cars was the use of a form of unitary construction for the bodyshell. Actually replacing the Mexico as the marques 2+2 coupe, the Indy had a new body designed by Vignale and a variety of the V8 engines as used in the earlier models, ranging from 4.2 to 4.9-litres.

A total of 1,136 examples were produced until 1974 when production ceased.

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