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 Bugatti Type 16


The Bugatti  Type 16 was produced from 1912 to 1917
1 engine 5 liter with 100hp, is on Histomobile.

Bugatti Type 16 

When Ettore Bugatti left Deutz in order to start his own production in Molsheim, he took three chassis along with him.

These chassis were modified and became the chassis n 471, 472 and 473.
They had a 5-liter engine, three valves per cylinder, 4 in-line cylinders, and chain drive.
The only cars carrying the Bugatti logo and having a chain drive were fitted with the 5-liter race engine.

They appeared in 1912.
Bugatti decided to start the production of this car, and the first (chassis n 474) was ordered by the hero Roland Garros, a French aviator.
He bought it as a simple chassis and had it transformed by Labourdette into an open two-seater.
The Bugatti 5-liter car ran in Indianapolis in 1914 and 1915.

The 1914 model had a longer stroke (180 mm) and a shaft drive, while the 1915 model had a shorter stroke (150 mm) and a chain drive.
At the first sign of the First World War, Ettore took one of his cars (chassis n 715) to Italy.

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