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 Mitsubishi Ek Wagon


La Mitsubishi  Ek Wagon fut produite de 2002 à 2006
2 motorisations sont sur Histomobile de 0.6L à 0.6L présentant des puissances de 50ch à 50ch.

Mitsubishi Ek Wagon 

According to Mitsubishi, "eK" stands for "Excellent Kei-car". This sounds quite childish. The car itself is not much better. Basically, the whole floorpan and all important mechanicals - engine, gearbox and suspensions for instance - are carried over from Minica (see above). And that means only a cheap sohc 3-cylinder engine and an outdated 3-speed automatic are available. No more choices.

So what is the purpose of building another Kei-car when the company has already got Minica and Toppo ? because Minica is outdated and relatively cramped compare with new rivals, while Toppo is too tall for Japan's tower parking which is popular in cities. In contrast, eK Wagon's 1550mm height is exactly the maximum limit of tower parking. Although hard points are unchanged from chassis donor Minica, eK Wagon is still able to stretch more interior length and width to improve leg and shoulder room. Its boxy exterior shape already told you it place space in first priority.
Though roomy, the interior is too simple to the extent that boring. There are many storage cubbies and pockets but there is no design or quality feel to talk about. Young people are unlikely to be interested in this car. Housewives might be.

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