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Lancia Ypsilon

Generation 1

Presented in Rome in January 1996, Y (codeproject Type 840), was developed in 24 months and the entire project cost about 400 billion Lire. Designed by Enrico Fumia, his line could remember in part one of the successful predecessor, the Autobianchi Y10, wedge-shaped with a nearly vertical tailgate, but it is much larger than 30 cm, with innovative design "quadrifrontale" or " Four-side-look ", where the arches are repeated on all sides of the car (both front and in the queue, ditto on the sides). The length is 3.72 m, 33 cm more than the Y10. Lancia Y was built on the platform of the Fiat Punto series 176 (the same platform as the Palio and Barchetta) with a redesigned rear suspension set-up and more comfortable.

Lancia Ypsilon

It was equipped with a well-finished interior, 5 seats, plastic dashboard "soft touch" (a real treat for a small car at the time) and fed a range of accessories and customization (one of the most important and first for the 'era, the range of non-standard colors with 100 different shades Kaleidos metallescent to choose from, besides the 12 pastel and metallic standard). A curiosity was the central instrument panel, then also adopted the Musa and Ypsilon on the 2003.
Initially, the expected range was recognized by the initials LE, LS and LX based on various standard features, but probably because of their cost is not very competitive compared to the competition, about 1 year after the debut were born the Blue Elephant, version dedicated to the most young people, thereby providing a more spartan setting, and the Red Elephant, which aimed to sportiness and performance, tracing a little 'philosophy to sell the Autobianchi A112 Abarth. For the last they saw the light Blues elephant, Elephant Blue body color with dedicated, colored mirrors and a vehicle audio system and enhanced Cosmopolitan, special version created in collaboration with the magazine of women on a Y LX, solely to the European market (Italy esclused).
The air conditioning was fitted as standard on the LS and LX, which also offered a more complete instrument panel (including tachometer and larger display with outside temperature indicator).
The engines, part of the series already Fire used first of its ancestor in the displacements between 1,100 and 1,200 cc 8-valve to the more 1.4 "Pratola Serra" 12-valve 80 hp be adopted at that time also by the Fiat Bravo/Brava. Given the limited success of this engine, after a short period of time (1 year or so) was replaced by the first evolution with head multivalve of 1242 cc and multipoint injection, with the considerable power of 86 hp at 6000 rpm/min and torque Max. 113 Nm at 4500 r/min, which debuted on this model (as it was at that time in 1985 on the 999 8v Y10), still among the best engines of this displacement, power and performance. Unique control system of distribution: a toothed belt drives the camshaft of the exhaust valves, and from these, a reference to the camshaft gear drives the intake valves. In particular elephant in the Red version (symbol of the historic sports cars Lancia HF) as the cousin Punto Sporting with the final report was shorter gear, lowered suspension with stabilizer bars and steering gear box plus more direct, it reached 177 km/h speed maximum and was the only one to have approved the standard 15 "wheels with 195/50 tires of. for those who desire a more discreet and comfortable range were present in the LS and LX versions, able to reach the same speed and taking the maximum km from standstill in 33.3 s. The 1.2 16V was also available with a CVT transmission.
The Italian magazine "Quattroruote" beyond the city use, the test drive of the "Y 16V LX" among other things, praised the excellent, given the capacity, reserves power of the engine in highway driving with a comfort for the driver and passenger of a car worthy of a higher category, making it a versatile car that is suitable for all types of trails. Lancia Y was also featured in Gran Turismo 2. The model was an immediate success both in the first two months were sold over 42,000 cars

In October 2000 he was made a slight exterior and interior restyling. The external changes include a new Lancia shield larger than the former, new bumpers, new taillights, new wheel cover design of a new form of fog, also features side moldings running along the side of the car becomes much smoother and body color. Inside, the most significant change is the headrests instead of drilled solids and a new conformation of the seats, steering wheel changing now similar to that of the Lancia Lybra, the bridge remains unchanged (but on some versions you can not help but notice a small drop style, the material was no longer available with "soft touch" in contrast to the first series, as well as the loss of reflective security on doors and recirculation of the command climate through electrical control button, replaced with a mechanical lever heated and releases the button on the control of central air conditioner with built-all'hazard, fender/rear fog lights and heated rear window) and a slight redesign of the instrument panel, more readable and modern, especially in the use of LEDdisplay. The length increased slightly from 3.72 meters to 3.74 meters.

Lancia Ypsilon

The versions equipped LX and "Red Elephant" which cost € 15.060 list, as in previous series were standard equipment for the major categories, including driver and passenger airbag, air conditioning, ABS, power steering, radio Blaupunkt navigation system with 6 speakers, split rear seat with headrests, the Alcantara interior Castiglio similar to previously used on the first set but less refined (and expensive), the display for outdoor temperature, electrically operated mirrors painted in body color (red-colored titanium sull'Elefantino, coordinated the search, to the helm station and instrument panel with red instead of green like the other versions), central locking with remote control, power windows, seat and steering wheel Adjustable (leather with red stitching on the Red Elephant), fog lamps and alloy wheels with 185/60 R 14 tires for the LX and 195/50 R15 for the Red Elephant.
In the following years were marketed by the names of other special versions DoDo, Vanity and Unica. 16v versions reduce their output of 6 PS (4 kW) due to new Euro 3 pollution standards by reducing emissions with a less grumpy and more linear delivery, while maintaining or even increasing consumption.
It also changed the engine from 60 hp 1242, which earns the sequential multipoint fuel injection system, but loses its power and drive of the same engine configuration and power Singlepoint Euro 2, because of reductions of CO2 that have to fall in Euro 3 limits of the directive.
It also removed from the price of the 55 PS (40 kW; 54 hp) engine 1108, as it had not yet been adapted to the new Euro 3 directive. So the remaining versions to list only the 60 PS (44 kW; 59 hp) 1.2 8v and 1.2 16v 80 PS (59 kW; 79 hp).
In September 2003, after nearly eight years of career and just over 800,000 products, debuted its successor, the Lancia Ypsilon, since replaced by 'the following year. A right-hand drive version was not produced.


- 1.1 8v 55 PS (40 kW; 54 hp)
- 1.2 8v 60 PS (44 kW; 59 hp)
- 1.2 16v 86 PS (63 kW; 85 hp)
- 1.2 16v 80 PS (59 kW; 79 hp) - Facelift
- 1.4 12v 80 PS (59 kW; 79 hp)

Lancia Ypsilon

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