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Strosek Lamborghini Diablo VT


La Lamborghini Strosek Diablo VT fut produite de 1999 à 1999
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Modifiée par la société Strosek

Lamborghini Diablo VTStrosek

Vittorio Strosek found the original Diablo to be too subtle, se he set out to creat a more balanced design he built for some extremely wealthy customers.

He removed the front and rear bumper of the Diablo and installed his redesigned units which were much rounder than the originals, the front turn signals were replaced and the pop-up headlights were removed and two poly-ellipsoid units were installed in their place.
He also removed the original exterior rear view mirrors and installed two altered ones mounted high up on the doors, the rear spoiler became integrated between the rear light clusters,and could be adjusted for more down force when needed.
The side air intakes in front of the rear wheels were redesigned and the rear bumper now held two big-bore exhaust pipes. On later models the panel between the rear lights was replaced with a new one using round holes for the rear fog light and the back-up light.
Strosek also mounted his special 18 inch magnesium wheels, available in chrome when requested by the customer. These wheels used a similar five hole design to the originals but were redesigned and looked much cleaner than the standard wheels.
On the inside changes remained little, although some cars featured new door panels and race type bucket seats.
It is possible no modifications were made to the massive V-12.

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