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 Ford Ikon


La Ford  Ikon fut produite de 2000 à 2011
3 motorisations sont sur Histomobile de 1.2L à 1.7L présentant des puissances de 57ch à 95ch.

Ford Ikon 

The Ford Ikon is a sedan version of the Ford Fiesta Mark IV on the Ford B platform. It was manufactured and sold in India until 2011. A 2012 model year subcompact sedan and hatchback named Ikon is sold in Mexico. The Mexican-market hatchback is theFord Figo imported from India. The Ikon used to be manufactured and sold in South Africa, Mexico and China where production ended in December 2006, September 2007 and 2007 respectively. The Ikon sedan was relaunched in South Africa (same vehicle as the Fiesta Classic in India).

The first-generation Mexican and South African Ikon was closely based on the European Mark IV Fiesta, delivering vehicle attributes that would have been acceptable to European customers. The India Ikon has a cheaper suspension, interior and front end structure. The China Ikon was somewhere in between.

In Mexico, Brazil and China, the Ikon was marketed as a Fiesta sedan. In Brazil, this model has been replaced by a new 4 door model based on the South American Fiesta. In South Africa, the Ikon has been replaced by a different 4 door model based on the European Fiesta Mark V (but different exterior sheetmetal) and manufactured in India. (This vehicle is badged Fiesta in India and has not immediately replaced the Ikon in the Indian market.)

Ford Ikon in India

Ford relaunched its Ford Ikon in November 2008 with diesel and a CNG engine and better exterior changes making it match with the competition faced from Maruti and General Motors in India. It also lowered the power/economy ratio in the 1.3 Flair version making it more economical than the previous 1.6 Nxt version.

Ford India introduced its Ford Ikon diesel with iKool edition with features like an iPod compatible music system, rear spoiler, Autocop Anti Theft System and Leather Seat Covers.
It retired the model in the beginning of 2011 following the launch of the Mk VI Fiesta in India.

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