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Modèles Chrysler

Chrysler 300

Generation 6

The 1965 300L was the final year of the traditional letter series. A complete restyle, with crisp lines, slab sides and a tall "greenhouse"--styling cues introduced by Elwood Engel when he succeeded Virgil Exner as Chrysler's styling boss--brought a sleek mid-1960s linear look to the cars, and dropped the panoramic windshield that had disappeared from other Chrysler models in 1961. The cross-ram engine was no longer available; the 413 cu in (6.8 L) engine with regular carburetion and inlet manifold was the only one supplied. Practically every feature on the 300L could be ordered as an option on the regular 300; the only absolute difference was the '300L' badges. 2,405 coupes and 440 convertibles were sold.

Chrysler 300

1966 saw minor facelift changes from the 1965 model. The big news was that there was no more letter series due to poor sales and a lack of commitment to the original concept at Chrysler.

1967 saw an extensive facelift for the three hundred, once again available in two door hard top, convertible and four-door hard top body styles. The four door sedan body style available in 1966 was dropped for 1967. Factory options included power windows, leather, auto-pilot (cruise control), air conditioning, front disc brakes, six way power seat, electric door locks, 15 inch wheels and more.

Chrysler 300 convertible

1968 saw a minor facelift of the same basic body style, introduced in 'sixty-seven. Body style and engine options were identical to the previous year, though sales figures were up.

Chrysler 300 convertible

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