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Modèles Chrysler

Chrysler 300

Generation 7

1969 was the first year of the distinctive fuselage styling and to make up for all the effort in the styling department 1968's option list was carried over wholesale. Car Life named it their "Best Prestige Car" in September 1969.

Chrysler 300 CS

1970 was really the last fling year for the three-hundred. It was the last year you could order a convertible and Chrysler had one last shot at making the marque special with a limited run of Hurst modified specials. This was the second year of the distinctive fuselage styling.

The 1970 Hurst 300 lacks the single-letter suffix of its forbears and appeared five years after the last Letter Series Chrysler, the 300L. Many automobile historians do not include the Hurst 300 as a Letter Series model. The concept of the car, however, does fit with the Letter Series cars, as it was a high-performance variant of the luxury 300, built with the input of aftermarket parts manufacturer Hurst Performance. Only 501 units are believed to have been built.

The Hurst 300s were all 2-door and shared a white and gold paint scheme similar the Oldsmobile and Pontiac Hurst models of the day. The scooped hood and trunklid (with a molded spoiler) are both fiberglass. All Hurst 300s had satin tan leather interiors that were straight out of the Imperial and could be had with column- or console-mounted 727 automatics. All came with the 375 hp (280 kW) 440 cu in (7.2 L) 4-barrel TNT V8 engine. Road tests clocked one at 0-60 at 7.1 seconds with the 1/4 mile in 15.9 seconds. "Not bad for a 4,100 lb (1,900 kg) aircraft carrier", they claimed.

Chrysler 300 convertible

In the 501 units sold, one convertible is documented having been used as a Hurst promotional car and another is believed to be dealer equipped with a 426 cu in (7.0 L) Hemi also a convertible.

Nineteen seventy-one was the last year in the first unbroken run of production for the Chrysler 300. Convertible production across the entire Chrysler range had stopped in 1970. Horsepower was down as it was with all Chrysler corporation cars in 1971.

Chrysler 300 convertible

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