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Modèles Dodge

 Dodge Caravan


La Dodge  Caravan fut produite de 1983 à 1989
2 motorisations sont sur Histomobile de 2.5L à 2.9L présentant des puissances de 95ch à 138ch.

Dodge Caravan 

The Dodge Caravan (also Dodge Grand Caravan) is a minivan marketed by the Chrysler Corporation. It was introduced in 1983 for the 1984 model year with its twin models, the Plymouth Voyager (née Chrysler Voyager) and the Chrysler Town and Country (which was introduced in 1990). It was the first modern minivan, and is credited with creating the entire market segment for these vehicles.

For the 1987 model year, a longer wheelbase was introduced, which was called the Grand Caravan/Grand Voyager. It was still based on the Chrysler S platform.
In the 1970s, before the debut of the 1984 Plymouth Voyager, there was a full-size passenger van by the same name based on the Dodge Sportsman van—this was a bit of badge engineering to help Plymouth dealers improve their sales. It could hold as many as 12 passengers (15 in the stretched version) and was Plymouth's first truck-bodied vehicle in many decades. Likewise, before the introduction of the 1990 Chrysler Town and Country, that name had been used on Chrysler station wagons since the 1940s (as well as convertibles).

In Europe, the vehicle has been known as the Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager. It was produced at Chrysler's Eurostar plant, which was transferred, along with Voyager production, to Magna Steyr and gained the Dodge Caravan's grille.
Since the beginning of production in the fall of 1983, over 11 million Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth minivans have been sold as of mid-2005.

Special anniversary editions of the Chrysler minivans have been issued to mark significant milestones; the first, in 1994, is notable for the "10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION" badges and special two-tone paint, and was offered on the Dodge and Plymouth SE models. The twentieth anniversary was marked in 2004 with the Anniversary Edition SXT Caravan and the Platinum Series Town & Country.

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