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Modèles Scania

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 Scania 1901


La Scania  1901 fut produite de 1901 à 1901
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Scania 1901 

The Maskin A.B. Scania of Malmo made British Humber bicycles under licence from 1900, but as early as 1894, they had imported and studied a Hilde-brand & Wolfmuller motor-cycle from Germany. A motor-car, designed by Fridolf Thorssin on orthodox lines, followed in 1901. This type, the one illustrated, is still existent in the Tekniska Museet, Stockholm. The engine used was made by Kamper of Germany. The latter was also the case with the next model, of which a series of six was laid down in 1902; this was a front-engined car designed by Anton Svenson. In 1902 as well, however, the company built the first engine of their own design. It was an air-cooled vertical twin with mechanically-operated inlet valves, developing 6 h.p.

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