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Production Discontinued Exotic

Cadillac (U.S.A.)
  Campagna (Canada)
  Caparo (U.K.)
  Caterham (U.K.)
  Chana (China)
  Changfeng (China)
  Changhe (China)
  Chery (China)
Chevrolet (U.S.A.)
  Chevrolet (Brasil)
  Chevrolet (Venezuela)
  Chevrolet (Argentina)
  Chevrolet (Ecuador)
  Chevrolet (Colombia)
  Chevrolet (Chile)
  Chevrolet (Indonesia)
  Chevrolet (Malaisia)
  Chevrolet (Thailand)
  Chevrolet (Mexico)
  Chevrolet (Pakistan)
Chrysler (U.S.A.)
  Chrysler (China)
  Ciimo (China)
Citroen (France)
  Citroen (Brasil)
  Citroen (Argentina)
  Citroen (China)
  Comarth (Spain)
  Company Developments (U.K.)
  Concept car Ltd (U.K.)
  Courage Competition (France)

  Carnation (U.S.A.)
  Cartercar (U.S.A.)
  Case (U.S.A.)
  Ceirano (Italy)
  CGE (France)
  CGV Charron (France)
  Chadwick (U.S.A.)
  Chalmers (U.S.A.)
  Champion (Germany)
  Chandler (U.S.A.)
  Chaparral (U.S.A.)
  Chappe et Gessalin (France)
  Checker (U.S.A.)
  Chenard & Walcker (France)
  Chevron (U.S.A.)
  Chrysler (Australia)
  Chrysler Europe (France)
  Cime (France)
  Citicar (U.S.A.)
  Cizeta-Moroder (Italy)
  Clement (France)
  Clement Talbot (U.K.)
  Clenet (U.S.A.)
  Columbia (U.S.A.)
  Columbia Six (U.S.A.)
  Compound (U.S.A.)
  Continental (U.S.A.)
  Corbin (U.S.A.)
  Cord (U.S.A.)
  Corre la Licorne (France)
  Coste (France)
  Costin (U.K.)
  Cottereau (France)
  Cottin & Desgouttes (France)
  Cournil (France)
  Crestmobile (U.S.A.)
  Cretors (U.S.A.)
  Crossley (U.K.)
  Cugnot (France)
  Cunningham (U.S.A.)

  Callaway (U.S.A.)
  Carbodies (U.K.)
  Cardi (Russia)
  Carlsson (Germany)
  Castagna (Italy)
  Coggiola (Italy)
  Colani Trading (Switzerland)
  Comptech (U.S.A.)
  Concept Group International (U.K.)


  Cantarano (U.S.A.)
  Christensen (U.S.A.)
  Christy (U.S.A.)
  Cisitalia (Italy)
  Clemons (U.S.A.)
  Coloni (Italy)
  Connaught (U.K.)
  Connew (U.K.)
  Cooper (U.K.)
  Copersucar (Brasil)
  Cornis (U.S.A.)
  Cosworth (U.K.)

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