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Ghia L6.4   (1962)

Ghia is one of the most famous Italian automobile design and coachbuilding firms, founded in 1921 in Turin by Giacinto Ghia (1887 - 1944).

Between the world wars, he designed special bodies for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lancia. After World War II, many foreign firms ordered Ghia designs, such as Ford (Lincoln Futura), Chrysler (the Norseman) and Volkswagen (Karmann Ghia). There are even a few Ghia-bodied Ferraris. Ghia also participated in the short-lived Dual-Ghia venture. Production by Ghia was always in very low numbers, giving the company's products even greater exclusivity than those of the other Italian coachbuilders. (The Karmann Ghia was actually assembled by Karmann.)

In the 1960s, Alejandro de Tomaso, owner of a rival design house, took over, but had difficulty in running Ghia profitably. In 1970, he sold his shares to the Ford Motor Company. During this transition period, Ghia had partial involvement in the De Tomaso Pantera, a high-performance, mid-engine car with a 351 cu OHV Ford V8.

Due to the prestige of the Ghia name, Ford soon began to work it overtime. From 1973 onwards, top-line models of various Ford car line-ups began to sport 'Ghia' badges. The trend began in Europe (Granada Ghia, Capri Ghia, Cortina Ghia, Escort Ghia, Fiesta Ghia), but soon spread worldwide, particularly to the U.S and Australian markets.

Today, the Ghia studios produce many various concept cars under the Ford banner. However, it will also forever be linked with Ford's top-line models.

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