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Ferrari 125 ,125S,125C  (1947)

In 1929 Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari, in viale Trento e Trieste in Modena, with the purpose of helping members compete in motor races.

Racing activities, in Alfa Romeo cars, continued until 1938, the year in which he became Racing Manager of Alfa Corse. After two years, Enzo Ferrari split with Alfa Romeo and founded Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, in the old Scuderia Ferrari headquarters, to manufacture machine tools, particularly oleodynamic grinding machines.

In spite of a promise of non-competition (which at the moment of their divorce prevented Enzo Ferrari from bulding cars using his own name for four years), the company began to study and design a racing car, an 8- cylinder 1500 cc open car known as the 815, two of which were built to take part in the 1940 Mille Miglia. The outbreak of World War II put an end to racing.

Ferrari 159 S concept (1947)

In 1943 the workshops moved from Modena to Maranello, where construction of oleodynamic grinding machines continued until 1944, when the plant was bombed.

At the end of the war, the company changed its name to Ferrari and designed the 125 Sport, a 12-cylinder, 1500 cc car which Franco Cortese drove on the Piacenza circuit on May 11, 1947. The car had to retire, but it was ahead in the last lap, in what was a good debut. Two weeks later, in fact, Cortese and the 125 Sport won the Rome Grand Prix.

Since then, company cars, driven by the best drivers, have racked up over 5,000 successes on race tracks and roads all over the world, creating a legend. The most important achievements have been 9 Formula 1 Drivers' World titles, 14 Manufacturers' World titles, 8 Formula 1 Constructors' World Championships, 9 wins at the Le Mans 24 Hours race, 8 at the Mille Miglia, 7 at the Targa Florio, and, up to the end of 1997, 113 wins in Formula 1 Grands Prix.

Ferrari 166 MM,Sport concept (1948)

In 1969, to meet growing market demand, Enzo Ferrari sold 50% of the share capital to the Fiat Group, and investment that increased to 90% in 1988. In spite of this Ferrari has always maintained a strong autonomy, thanks to its specialist activities.

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