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Daimler vehicles


Daimler 48   (1908)

Daimler were around at the very beginning of the Motor Car (formed during January 1896) and still survive today under Jaguar ownership. They were the first British company created to make cars. Their first complete car was based on the French Panhard & Levassor, whereas later vehicles were German Daimler based. Early models utilised tiller steering but the factory latter offered the option to convert to a steering wheel.

King Edward VII (Then Prince Of Wales) received his first Daimler in 1900 and the Company have supplied many cars to the Royal Family since then.

Between 1899 and The Great War some 43 type of car were built along with commercial vehicles such as a road train and boat engines. During the war Daimler made munitions and aircraft until 1919 saw the first post war Daimler.


Daimler Conquest   (1953)

After the Second World War, again spent producing munitions, several chassis were built and aimed at the limousine market and were bodied by such companies as Barker and Tickford. 1959 saw the Daimler Dart or SP250 sports car using a Edward Turner designed 2.5 litre V8 engine.


Daimler Majestic Major   (1961)

Jaguar purchased Daimler during June 1960 and since 1967 Daimlers have been rebadged Jaguars.

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