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Geely HQ (Haoqing) 6360  (1998)

Geely Automobile (pronounced "JEE-lee") was the first independent automobile manufacturer in the People's Republic of China, beginning in 1998, having acquired a minivan maker's licence. Geely started in 1986 as a manufacturer of refrigerators and by 1992, motorcycle parts. In 1994, Geely began manufacturing motorcycles. By 1996, Geely had produced over 200,000 motorcycles and scooters.


Geely MR Sedan (Uliou)  (2002)

The parent company is Geely Holding Group. The company sold 96,000 vehicles in 2004, 4% of the domestic market, and hopes to reach 1,000,000 by 2010. Geely's chairman and founder, Li Shufu, wants to sell two-thirds of the company's output overseas, though he is noncommittal on when that could happen. In a March 2005 forum held in Beijing, he was quoted as saying: We must make cars like people from Wenzhou make lighters. But developing a car industry is like growing one tree slowly to cover a whole forest. Geely is reportedly cooperating with Daewoo International, Maggiora and Rücker. Li relinquished the CEO title to Yue Guisheng in February 2006 to comply with Hong Kong Stock Exchange regulations. He remains chairman.

Founded in July2002 with a registered capital of RMB 20 million and with a direct import and export license, Geely International Corporation is a large-scale subsidiary of Geely Group and the exclusive authorized exporter of Geely brand automobiles. Geely Automobile was successfully listed on the Stock Exchange Limited of Hong Kong on the date of May 10th, 2005 Boasting a group of brilliant young, international trade professionals,the company is composed of five major departments. The Administrative Department, Financial Department, Marketing Department, Sales Departments and After-sales Service Department. In order to realize the grand objective of the company to bring Geely to the world, the company has been committed to internationalization ever since its foundation. The year, 2003, witnessed the first ever exports of Geely finished products in the companys history. By the end of 2005, Geely had exported a large quantity of her automobiles to Africa, the Middle East, East Europe and Central and South America. Moreover, the company has established an extensive trading relationship with over 50 countries in regions covering USA, North and West Europe, Russia and South East Asia. Geely International has obtained the ISO9001 certification from the authority. The company is known for her good reputation and considerate services as well as reliable quality. Together with Geely Holdings Group, the company has been making consistent efforts to satisfy the needs of both of her domestic and overseas customers. Geely International Corporation is looking forward to joining hands with all the potential domestic and overseas counterparts and friends to create an even more successful future.

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