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McLaren MP4/5B   (1990)

McLaren Cars was established in the early 90ís by the famous Formula One racing team to produce the F1 road car. The Gordan Murray-designed supercar was extremely successful in terms of reputation but high price and lack of an efficient production method (due to the sophisticated design) resulted in just 100 cars produced in 3 years. In 1996, after the 100th car rolled out, the company was effectively closed down.

In mid-1999, Mercedes-Benz asked its motor racing partner to develop and build its SLR concept car using the carbon fiber experience. As a result, £300 million was injected into the McLaren group, including £130 million to be spent on the SLR project. In return DaimlerChrysler took 40% shares of McLaren group. The McLaren Cars is therefore revived. Expect the new car to be ready in 2003.

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