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In 1901 John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge moved their Dodge Brothers Bicycle & Machine Factory to Detroit, Michigan. Their bearings and other parts were in demand with the early automobile industry, and they helped design motor parts for early Oldsmobiles.


Dodge Model 30   (1916)

In 1914 the Dodge Brothers started their own auto company, which they named the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. Early models had some similarities to the Ford Model T, but with such refinements as electric rather than crank start, as were becoming popular with the middle class. The new Dodge cars were a commercial success.

In 1917 Dodge Brothers began building motor trucks as well, at first for use by the United States Army during World War I, then commercially after the war's end.


Dodge Model 30   (1922)

In 1925 the Dodge Brothers Company was purchased by Dillon, Read & Company for $146 million, said to be the largest cash transaction in history up to that time. Dillon Read in turn sold Dodge to the Chrysler Corporation on July 31, 1928.


Dodge Dart ,Seneca,pioneer,Phoenix  (1960)

Following Chrysler's takeover of the British Rootes Group and Simca of France, and the resultant establishment of Chrysler Europe in the late 1960s, the Dodge brand was used on light commercial vehicles previously branded Commer (a Rootes subsidiary) and on pick-up and van versions of the Simca 1100. The most common of these was the Dodge 50 series, widely used by utility companies and the military, but rarely seen outside the UK. Following Chrysler Europe's collapse in 1977, the Dodge factory and some rights to use the Dodge name in Europe were purchased by Renault, who gradually re-branded the range of vans and trucks through the 1980s, eventually dropping the name altogether and using the factory for engine production.


Dodge Neon   (2000)

Dodge is now part of the DaimlerChrysler company. As of 2005, the Dodge brand has become known primarily for its trucks, which account for 78% of the division's sales. Dodge is attempting to change this with the introduction of the new Dodge Charger.

The Dodge marque will also be promoted in Europe. Currently, the Viper is the only Dodge-branded vehicle in that market, but DaimlerChrysler will begin to heavily advertise the brand's Caliber and Nitro models with a masculine image.

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