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Marble-Swift Runabout   (1903)

The Marble-Swift was an American Automobile produced in Chicago, Illinois at 29 1/2 Aldine Square from 1903 to 1905. A Roadster and Touring Car was produced.

The Marble-Swift Automobile Co. was formed by George W. Marble and George P. Swift. George Swift was a mechanic and George Marble manufactured wood rims for automobiles prior to forming The Marble-Swift Automobile Co..

The Marble-Swift was equipped with a 12 horsepower two cylinder water cooled engine of their on design. The cylinders were cast separately and had a bore of 4 inches with a stroke of 5 inches.

The chief distinguishing feature of the Marble-Swift was its running gear that had a double disk friction drive system that furnishes variable speeds from minimum to maximum. The final drive being by side chains from the two sides of the driven counter shaft carrying the disks. The wheel base is 90 inches and the tread 54 inches. The wheels are 28 inches in diameter and are fitted with 31/2 inch tires. The springs are full elliptic in the rear and semielliptic in front. The total weight of the Marble Swift automobile is about 1,600 pounds.

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