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Voisin C1   (1920)

Aviation pioneer Gabriel Voisin was forced to convert his Issy-les-Moulineaux, Seine, works after the war because there were no more orders for aeroplanes.

He decided to build cars but, being a strong individualist, his cars were far from conventional, and all used sleeve-valve engines. The first car built by Voisin was a 18/23cv of 3969cc, which was, continued for nearly ten years. A 7238cc V12 was exhibited as early as 192l; that year saw' the launch of the 1244cc C4 four-cylinder model. In 1927, Voisin presented some attractive six-cylinder models, the best of which was the 13 cv of 2300cc. In 1930 came the 4800cc Diane and the Simoun 5.8 litre six. There was also the Sirocco V12. In the 1930s, some Minerva models were built under licence without great success. The year 1936 saw a strange 6 litre straight-twelve, which remained a prototype.

At the very end, Voisin was forced to use the American Graham 3500cc engine, the sole exception to the sleeve-valves. Gabriel Voisin made many of the bodies for his cars-it is said that he was helped in their design by architect Le Corbusier. These controversial bodies may not have been fashionable, but they certainly attracted a good deal of attention. Voisin's engineering drew heavily on aircraft practice, and he always made great use of light alloy.

Voisin C2  concept (1920)

After the war, Voisin made the tiny Biscooter for Spain.

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