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Chang'an Mazda Motor Sales Company ("Chang'an Mazda") on April 9, 2007 established major functional departments in Beijing, with offices in Chongqing. Chang'an Mazda Mazda brand in China is an important one network product sales, the current bear the Mazda 2, Mazda 3 (January 08 began sales) in the Chinese market brand building, marketing and sales network construction of a comprehensive marketing.

Since their establishment, the operation of Chang'an Mazda will learn from the solid strength of the local community and leading international experience. To general managerjff$fNim, and the vice president was at the core of Mr. Lin leadership team, a collection of Mazda brand from Japan, as well as professionals from Changan Ford Mazda Motors Limited has rich experience in the industry, a senior people. At the same time, China's Chang'an Mazda will also provide consumers with an international leading level products and services to customers to win the trust and reputation, and set up a Chang'an Mazda corporate image, but it also will continuously improve Mazda in the Chinese market brand image.

Chang'an Mazda has not only from the wealth of local and international marketing experience, also in the corporate culture unique combination of Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" brand essence, two unique advantages in resources learn, will be China's automobile bringing new vigor into the market. Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" represents a kind of global leader, a unique vehicle design, manufacturing concepts, creative and innovative. Mazda has always clung to the belief that the era of childhood felt by the dynamic charisma still have people longing for the "exciting controlling the experience" and in Chang'an Mazda under the guidance of this concept, dedicated to provide customers with the superior quality of sales services, the group did not bring Zoran service experience, and "Zoom-Zoom" in the direction pursued by the idea - to provide pleasure, perfect occupants feel highly fit.

Mazda 2  concept (2007)

Chang'an Mazda in China's mid-term goal is to achieve Mazda "in China in 2010 production sales reached 300,000 units," the objective to contribute to customer satis faction (CSI / SSI) to achieve the domestic industry into the top group the camp at the same time, we will be in accordance with market demand, sales and the gradual expansion plans, and set up a trust to win customer sales network. Mazda brand to the core of "Zoom-Zoom" as the basis, has built a "strong brand position" and the "Ho. 1 in Customer Satis faction (CS)" strong sales network.

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