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Bristol Blenheim   (1993)

In 1910 the company that later became the Bristol Aeroplane Company, was established at Filton to serve Britain's fledgling aviation market. A series of successful aircraft designs saw rapid expansion, especially during the two World Wars. In the second, Bristol turned out an astonishing total of over 14,000 aircraft, including the Blenheim fighter bomber.

When war ended, the company decided to use some of its surplus engineering and production capacity for the manufacture of motors cars. Naturally, something special was expected from the aviation giant, yet the car surpassed all expectations. From the first, the standards of engineering, materials used and sheer quality of construction were second to none and established an enviable reputation worldwide.

In 1960, political pressure persuaded the aircraft company to combine with other manufacturers and become the British Aircraft Corporation, now British Aerospace. In order to ensure its autonomy, the car division, Bristol Cars Ltd., was acquired by former Grand Prix racing driver Tony Crook with the grandson of the founder of the original 1910 company.

Bristol 412 Beaufort concept (1993)

In 1973, Tony Crook became the sole owner and managing director. Since then he has fastidiously tailored the cars and the company to satisfy the needs of its faithful and exacting customers.

In 1997, Mr Crook was joined by a new financial partner who is helping the company to meet the challenges of the next millennium. The company is now the sole luxury car manufacturer that remains in British ownership.

Bristol Cars is proud of its heritage, but it is most proud of the cars it is building today. We hope we will have the privilege and pleasure of building one for you.

Bristol Blenheim  concept (1997)

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