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1878 : The Bollée's "Mancelle"

Francis Macerone was born in Manchester in 1788, his first years were populated of extraordinary adventures that culminated to the station of help of camps of the king of Naples in 1814.

In 1825, he found again to sides of G. Gurney, but at the end of 4 years, he became convinced that tentatives of Gurney would not take to nothing and him left to Constantinople to fight against Russian with Turkish. He came back in England in 1831 where he was approached by J. Squire that wanted to associate him to the steam-powered car construction. Noticing that they were more reliable than those of Gurney in spite of their mediocre furnace, he accepted for the purpose of to make a car and to put down the patent of it.

They finished their car in 1833 with all the possible advertisement.

At the time of the test, the recruited there helper and therefore unskilled forgot to brake in the s takes down Clay Hill until more to know how to brake, and they descended to a speed besides of 50km/h. Mr. Squire who droved, kept all his calmness.

In 1834, Squire in cold weather with his partner resigned, and Macerone made swindle himself by a certain Of Asda, that sold rights of the car for 16.000 books without putting back one of it alone to Macerone. Ruined, he lives his creditors robbed his shop.

He made a new vehicle in 1841, and received command of the General Steam Company carriage, that although cars perfectly functioned, refused to pay for invoices of Macerone.

Macerone resold his patents to regain his capital, but without no profit, and he left of the history of the steam-powered locomotion.